Mouth aches like I've been clenching my teeth?

I have lupus/sjogrens/raynauds but have never suffered terribly from mouth ulcers. In the past few weeks I have had a very sore mouth. It's quite hard to describe but it's so sore I really dread brushing my teeth and it really hurts all the time. I'm not sure if it is lupus related but all of my symptoms tend to flare up at once and I'm definitely experiencing other lupus issues at the moment.

Anyone familiar with the pain I'm describing? Any help appreciated.

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TMJ? For yeuas dealt with thispain. It is not a fashionable condition presented by young women only. Had my first bite block made when I was 60--7 years ago. TMJ in the AI cluster. Onset can be dramatic and incredibly painful. Good wishes. Here in the states had to find a restorative dental surgeon whose lab custom made the appliance. molly


Yes, it sounds like TMJ - mine feels the same and comes when I'm flaring. Try not to eat hard foods, like nuts or crust breads, or try not to chew gum. Once the lupus gets under control the symptoms will improve but I know how it is in the meantime, I, having the same at the moment, argh.


Tempo mandibular joint dysfunction syndrome ! I have had this for years when it first started in about 1986 and at that time I could hardly open my mouth to speak chew ect but these days since my sle has been a bit more controlled it much calmer xxx You need a good dentist mine was amazing helped me so much xxxx


Thank you all so much, despite so many years with lupus, I hadn't had this before and had no idea I'd was such a common symptom. I saw a site just now that said 67% of sle sufferers have tmj.


I too started with what I thought was mouth ulcers, as it started after having dental treatment. After five months I went to my dentist who then referred me to my doctors. I went to hospital at the ENT clinic, where they did a biopsy. It turns out I've got yet another long term condition for life, (oral lichen planus). I'd recommend you go to your dentist then doctors just to rule out anything else. It usually flares up when I'm going through a rough patch, don't use any alcohol base mouthwashes, or ulcer treatments as they have tendency to aggravate the condition.

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My experience of something similar fits more with hevxx's reply. I feel you'd do best to get examined by a medical professional. My periodontist says my sjogrens is my bigger problem but that the fact I'm ridiculously conscientious about oral hygiene means none of my oral conditions are as bad as they could well be. She has got me on Gengigel products, which are helping LOTS❗️🎉. I'd been on biotene products, which are ok for me, but not as helpful as gengigel mouthwash & gel. Wishing you all the very best while you figure this one out🍀👋🌻


Hi Shannon

Another possibility for your mouth pain is you could be clenching your teeth at night whilst sleeping. Your dentist can help with this by making a mouth guard. I've got one and it has made such a difference. The stress of these illnesses doesn't help and you say your flaring. Hope you feel better soon, can you adjust your regular medication to help?. X


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