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Gone to Florida n got pneumonia !!!!!!!!!

Well , hi guys, what can I say!!,

Just had a 3 holiday in Florida, sounds great eh!!!!!!!

Flew wih virgin and booked premium economy. Food was crap and had towait for economy passengers to be offladed beforewe could disembaark. I thougt you paid extra for addtional leg room, additional space and being able to disembark prior to economy passengers.

Diesemarked and found that they had lost my suitcase. Well stressed,not good for someone with SLE. Cut along story short, got my caes back on the fourth day. STRESS

My 5 year old ended upin hospital with a temperatute of 103 plus with vomiting. They sorted him out n everything was great.

We had a fantastic DAY at Disneyworld!!!!

That's when it all started, I GOT SICK,

I had 4 days in bed with a temperature of 104 plus. Just thought I had flu, then I had this feeling that I hadn't had before, I actually thought that I was on my way out!!!!!! Tried to get some antibiotics from pharmacy but they said would need to go to "walk in clinic". Went there n they said that I needed to get to hospital immediately .

Cut a long story short, had pneumonia, was hospitalised for four days and really do think it was was brought on by stress, with lost luggage, sick 5 year old n everything else!!!!

Got home n been signed off till 5th nov cos still got pneumonia. felt ok!!!!! But told that must not go to work. Heading for the sack me think!!!!!

Who goes to Florida n gets pneumonia xxxxxxx

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Poor you. Who knows where you picked it up but aircraft are notorious for circulating bugs, as the air is recirculated on them, and pneumonia is often caused by breathing in droplets of air containing the bacteria. So that is possible as Pneumonia takes as little as 1 - 3 days to develop. My friend, a frequent flier, often goes down with a cold within a couple of days of getting back to the UK. Virgin airline food does not have a good reputation! thank goodness their trains are so much better. I once went on an overnight coach holiday to Austria, by mid-week 85% of the coach party had gone down with the flu and we were bedridden for several days, all due to the air ciculation. We felt pretty cheesed off too.Hope you are recovering and do not get the sack. What a pain on such a great holiday, very unlucky. Take care.


Poor you!! That must be really frustrating. Hope the job thing goes okay, I am struggling with my employers at the moment and have been given 12 weeks notice. I was just wondering about having the pneumonia vaccine as I was okay with the flu one. Maybe I will now. Take care.


That doesn't sound much like a holiday! As before its renowned for getting a least a cold on a plane, guaranteed i'd say for fit people just as much as us dodgy ones. Poor you getting ill and i bet that stress didn't help. I always pack my essentials in a cabin bag things that i couldn't do without like my hairdryer, GHD's, change of clothes, pair of flip flops etc, that way they dont get lost. Always pack some of your bits in the others persons case and vice versa then at least you have some clothes to be going on with whilst your things are bbeing found on the other side of the world! too late for you now but next time...! Who do you work for that would give you the sack for being so poorly? I work for the NHS and they can be hard with their points system for ALL the employees. You're on review even if you've been half dead in hospital yourself. Re vaccines, yes do make sure you're covered by the flu vaccine and the pneumonia one, very important. Hope you're ok now and do fight your corner on disability grounds if work get funny with you. Take care.


You poor thing worse place to get colds and bugs of all sorts, really hope you soon start to feel better sending (((((((hugs))))))) Your way xx


Omg you poor thing. Hope you start to feel a bit more human soon x


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