has anyone had reli bad agony sharp shooting pains in back n had all reflexes go froms arms n legs all down on one side

well I found out I had lupus after my first child in 2009 I was 16 young mum had lots of joint pains n feeling ill all time I had low in iron it took 9 months to find out wat was wrong lots test all time n one blood test came back I had lupus sumthing was positive in my blood anyways I was feeling reli tired all time had gd days n bad days then I had lots stress going n when I tried for a bby I got pregnant n kept losing bby they did more tests n after 4 bby I lost they found out it was my lupus n everytime I had miscarriage I experienced small flare ups til this one time I end up at hospital wiv my husband coz he was ill n then I was walking decided to sit down n I cudnt feel n move one side of my body my arms n legs reflexes had gone they did lots test but cudnt find out wat it was n doctors was arguing wiv each other on wat it was then after few weeks I got everything back then I found out iwas pregnant they put me on fragin injections n then had few small flare ups in pregnancy but then at 20 weeks pregnant this side thing happened agen n I bin put thro to neuologicalist to find out wats happening n I still cant walk this time n I am in pain wiv my back tht bad I sleeping on couch coz I cant lie down on my back I keep getting sharp shooting pains in my back n cant travel I am stuck at home I am crying n screaming a lot waiting for mri scan but they hav to put me out to hav it done n also fallen down stairs when I was pregnant wiv lupus headaches

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  • I'm sorry, I haven't experienced what you described but it sounds really painful, try and call NHS direct or out of hours doctors in your area, maybe they can send a doctor or nurse to your home to at least apply some lidocaine patches for your pain. You poor thing!

  • it is awful I hate being like this but I hav since my specialists n they sed I hav to wait til mri scan so they know wat they treating just hope sumthing does come up so they can sort it out n I hav since doctors they give me the pain relief but it don't work no pain relief works they maxi it to wat they can give me now so I just in agony n very lil sleep n got two kids to look after its gd job my husband is fantastic n looks after us all

  • I understand about the painkillers but you could ask for an injectable form that has an immediate effect. When are you seeing your doctor again? I get that you're waiting for the MRI but meanwhile your GP needs to do something about your pain, you can't stay like this!

  • I end back up in hospital wiv flare up n watering infection n this attack down one side went a lot worse so they now trying me on morphine n more tablets n ringing up Monday to find out more about mri scan n it took air n gas n morphine together to get me down traveling to hospital it was tht bad I still was screaming wiv pain n how I am feeling now I am acheing from head n toe everything feels bruised n just pain coming from everywhere n struggling to walk even more n my back keep shooting pains all time I just cant sleep but at least I hav comfy couch to sit up n sleep on

  • Blimey, that sounds rough, where is the pain coming from, the water infection? Have you tried hot water bottle on that area of pain?

  • i found out today after having all them symptoms tht i am lacking in vitamin b12 n tht cud b causing me all these problems but got to wait for results from specialist about mri scan tht i had done to make sure its not nothing else n tht they pick everything up but i do need now 6 injections then i am on injection every three months n they need to test me for pernicious anaemia to see if it tht too

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