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Pneumonia vaccine & nerve damage from blood test?

Anyone else having problems getting the pneumonia vaccine? My GP’s say they’re in short supply and haven’t got them yet which sounds bizarre as it’s nearly December.

Also 3 weeks ago I had my bloods taken at hospital and they struggled getting enough blood so asked for help and wiggled the needle around and it went blue and hurt so they stopped. Since then my arm has been numb / feels like I’ve slept on it, I have a dent from my elbow up my bicep and can’t carry anything. They mentioned nerve damage today as all the phlebotomists had a feel and said it wasn’t good and they shouldn’t of moved the needle at all. So they told me to see my GP as I only saw my specialist lupus nurse today.

Has anyone else experienced this and if it’s nerve damage can it be serious? I have Myositis as well so wondered if it could of bruised my muscle and the dent was muscle damage but my specialist nurse said a blood test would do thus to my muscle.

I’ve enough going on weakness & fatigue etc without this as well 😢

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Oh dear I’ve no answers for you but this sounds rather shocking? I do have a permenant small dent inside my right arm and have had GPs and nurses struggle to take my blood from my right arm.

I also had phlebitis with huge bruising from cannulas after a period of time in hospital with sepsis - when stents left too long or due to bad veins (over use while on IV antibiotics) but they did settle after a while - maybe a week or so? I now know which veins to avoid letting them use for my monthly blood tests. I would think you should see your doctor about this it doesn’t sound right at all.


Thanks Twitchytoes each day it’s feeling a bit better so fingers crossed it heals ok but I’ll get it checked out x


That’s good - sounds like a phlebitis then and they usually heal up well in time.

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Think I’ll google it lol

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