Loss of appetite and nausea

Hi all, hope this question finds you all getting on well and not suffering too much!

I have had a very poor appetite the last few weeks, if was not for my son being off school I would just skip lunch every day (but I have something as I don't want to set a bad example to my son) and I always cook tea for my son, partner and myself so I have tea as my partner would question me why I was npt eating. However, the last couple of days I have felt quite sick after eating and often became bloated. Yesterday I had a sandwich for dinner and felt sick afterwards then at tea time every mouthful I put in my mouth made me gag so I hardly touched it, I then had abdominal pain all night and was extremrly blpated. I have ate nothing today and really just do not feel hungry. But still having abdominal pain (probably as my stomach is empty!). Anyone any ideas what might be going wih my body? Why have I got no appetite and why did I gag when eating last nite? Anyone else suffered wih this? Thank you in advance for any help xxx

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  • just a quick answer, do you have lactose or any other food intolerance? If so it might be a good idea to check what's in your medication. I reacted badly with bloating etc to 2 pills and they both have lactose to which I am extremely intolerable. Have now taken Lacdigest and all is well.

    Just an idea.

    Hope you'll soon find out the cause and are on your way to feeling much better.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks for your reply. I don't have any intolerances that I know of (though I do get a bad tummy if I have too much dairy, say carbonara) and the only tablets I am prescribed at the moment are amitriptyline which I take on a night before bed so I don't think it is caused off them. Plus the loss of appetite started before I started taking these tablets.

    I never ate anything yesterday at all. I have had some cereal this morning and did not have the gagging feeling that I had on Thursday but still feel a bit sick after eating them.

    Take care xxx

  • I've had trouble with feeling nauseous after eating many times. I found one reason for this was that I wasn't producing enough stomach acid to digest my food, so sometimes I take a supplement called HC1 & Pepsin which I got through my Nutritional Therapist. This has helped and I don't need to take this anymore.

    Another reason for nausea (and later stomach pain and feeling flu-like) I've found is eating too much saturated fat such as a buttered steak with fries, or strawberries and lots of cream, or fatty lamb steaks, or eating a lot of cheese for example.

    I used to get bloating with wind and lots of stomach pain when I used to eat wheat such as after a pasta meal.

    I've also experienced stomach pain as a side effect of my anti-inflammatory pain killers.

    It's a good idea to keep a food diary and make a note of what symptoms you have after eating, it's helped me to see a clearer picture of what's going on. I hope you feel like eating soon, it's not pleasant at all feeling like that. How do you feel after eating fresh fruit? Have you tried eating easy to digest things like soup? I've recently got into making a home made stew from my own home made chicken stock (very easy to make -just boil up the bones of your sunday roast and save in the fridge and use a bit every day). This makes me feel good. I hope you find the way that works for you xx

  • Thanks for your reply. I don't a lot of fatty food as I am on slimming world so trying to be as healthy as possible and I also cook most meals from scratch with fresh ingredients so don't think that would he the problem. I was treated about 18-24 months ago for a bacteria in my stomach called h.pylori and have been on daily acid reflux tablets ever since. I get bad heartburn off obvious stuff like spicy food, pastry etc but also I find I get it off eating cucumber and lettuce. I have also noticed recently that a lot of fruit can bring on the heartburn, especially melon. This is quite a recent thing and I find it quite odd as the doc never advises against such things for preventing heartburn. The food diary is a vey good idea and I will give that a go. Thanks again and take care. Xxx

  • Hi my daughters in law is from uk,an she was here for while she told me how to eat healthy,so she recommend smmodies, with all kind of berries,add some days apples,others bananas,kale,jinger,and orange juice,you not going to believe,your energy going to the roof,i hope this can help someone

  • Hi again, I've been feeling rather nauseous over the past couple of days since the sun came out again (I live in the south of the UK) so I'm wondering if it's just the fact that I am photosensitive? It could be lupus that's making me react to the sun and making me feel sick. Have you noticed any link with feeling sick and exposure to the sun? Just a thought. Take care xx

  • Hmm I cant say I have noticed a link but wasnt looking for it so maybe could be? I will keep an eye on that too. Thank you. I hope your feeling better soon! Xxx

  • Since taking a bad flare / infection about 6 weeks ago I have lost my appetite and have lost over 2 stone. To complicate matters I am also Coeliac which restricts my diet yet again. I am forcing myself to eat but just have no hunger pangs or rumbling stomach. I do not feel sick but struggle at times to swallow my food & have to use liquids to get the food over my throat. Has anyone else had this problem? I will also post this reply as a general question. Hope you have had some improvement can you let me know how you have got on please x

  • I have simluar issues. Im constantly bloated and I have regular bowels and eat pretty healthy, my doctor reccomended fiber, even though she said it didnt seem like I was blocked up?? If I skip a meal I become nauseated but I dont have much of an appetite. my doctor didn't mention anything about food sensitivities, but some times I feel pretty bad after certain meals. I dont know what's going on but its been almost a month and no progress. However I dont have lupus and barely know anything about That. But im desperate to find a cure for my ailment!

  • Hey.. I have the same very problem. You're not alone. I was beginning to think I was the ONLY one. I constantly feel bloated and concerned about myself. My family doesn't deal with stomach problems like I do so they don't understand how I feel inside of my body. It's the most uncomfortable feeling EVER. I always feel extremely full after I get done eating, especially after big meals. Although I'm never hungry. I've dealt with constipation before and have to watch what I eat and eat right. Have you? Sorry I'm replying back all late it says this was posted 2 years ago but I would like to hear what ever happen with you. I'm going to school right now and so I'm kind of stress dealing with this and nursing school. TIA.

  • I'm just curious.. I feel like we go through the same thing and would understand each other. I just want to get tp the body of this and figure out what's going on honestly. Text me (910) 375 2946

  • Im going thru the same thing right now

  • I have been feeling the exact same thing. I literally go all day without eating and have random spurts of when my hunger and appetite hits me but it goes away so quickly... i don't even enjoy food anymore and it is quite depressing. I cannot tell if food actually taste off or if it is just because i do not feel any appetite. To make matters worse is how nauseous I feel when i am eating that I always gag and have to quickly drink some liquids to prevent myself and even then i throw up a little bit. This also causes bad acid refluxes all day and i still wouldn't feel hungry later on, even though i haven't eaten anything. I can only drink liquids like ensure doing this time. I don't know if it is because of the couple swollen lymp nodes on my neck on the right side and it is is big and under my jaw that contributes to this with my fevers but it is definitely worrisome. My stomach also hurts and my throat and chest area has fhis burning acid reflux feeling but it feels almost worse... cant describe it *side note* i haven't officially been diagnosed with lupus although specialist says i have high levels of ANA and high markers for lupus as he wants to run some more tests to be even more positive i have the condition * although he stronglh believes i have lupus. I have been feeling symptoms since last summer now.

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