Loss of appetite & unintentional weight loss

Since taking a bad flare / infection about 6 weeks ago I have lost my appetite and have lost over 2 stone. To complicate matters I am also Coeliac which restricts my diet yet again. I am forcing myself to eat but just have no hunger pangs or rumbling stomach. I do not feel sick but struggle at times to swallow my food & have to use liquids to get the food over my throat. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • If u suffer from Sjogrens, it can sometimes makes things difficult 2 swallow. Many things can make us lose our appetites with lupus & all the lovely conditions she brings with her as do some of the meds. Personally thou, never experienced loss of appetite. Hope some1 can offer some advice.

  • I do not suffer from sjogrens that I am aware of. I cannot believe how debilitating it is forcing myself to eat o try to keep healthy.

  • Hi, I saw your reply on one of my questions but thought it easier to reply here. Sorry to hear your having problems and that is an awful lot of weight to lose!!

    My appetite did return but it continues to be up and down and a lot of days I have to just force myself to eat regularly as I dont get the normal hunger pangs. Lately I have been having cravings on a night for something sweet. Not sure what thats all about! My nausea comes and goes too, along with abdominal pain.

    I have to say though, throughout the poor appetite stages I haven't lost such a hge amount of weight, that to me is something I would be concerned about and would certainly speak to a gp about. Please let me know if you do speak to someone about it. Take care xxx

  • Will do Megs I have no nausea. Initially when I was taken into hospital my spleen was swollen which the docs said could have been pushing against my stomach and giving my stomach the feeling of being full But my WC count is now increasing so the spleen should be going back down. My doc is monitoring my weight now when I am having my bloods done every week & I am waiting to see the dietician so hopefully something will sort out soon. I'm worried :(

  • I am glad your doc is monitoring he weight loss, I hope it something that can he sorted easily and not something serious. Braves suggestion of shakes is a good one, I would certainly agree with asking your doc about that. Take care and keep us updated of your progress xxx

  • I too have no appitite - have to make myself eat just to keep my weight on. I'm 5.5 and weigh 8st 6lb... I find swallowin food had, and at the moment am living on oxo cubes made into a drink. I don't feel sick, but after a couple of mouthfulls, I've had enough. Also struggle with anything too seet or fatty...

    I also bruise really easily - But manage to scrub up of to go out :)

    I've got to the point where I've decided to just accept what comes my way - fighting it isn't working...


  • Omg!thats so much weight loss!i would push at the doctors office ,i only suffer little appetite when stomache is really bad ,ive got so used to a bad stomache that i just eat anyway ,infact my appetite is roaring and i have to watch what i eat as i can no longer do the exercise to burn it off ,so i am gaining weight ,plus unfortunatley for me im a comfort eater ,when im sad i eat ;( im sad a lot of late due to this horrid disease ,i crave energy so food gives me that lift ,plus in a way im glad as i make sure to get a blanced diet to pack in those vitamins ,if i was you i would get some build up shakes ,your doctor can pescribe them ,there shakes that contain all the vital nutrients your body needs ,i dont know if it would curb the weight loss but at least you will get some goodness in you ,after all low body weight is just as dangerous as high body weight ,you will loose muscle and remember lots of our organs are muscle ,i hope you can eat soon ?;)

  • Have you tried Complan from the chemist or similar multi vitamin drinks from your GP but you should be going to the doctor asap. All the best.

  • I am attending the doctor regarding my weight as well as my bloods Thanks xxx

  • Yes I loose weight when not well. I also have SS nd finding it harder and harder to swollow I always make sure I have a drink when I eat and try and avoid dry food. It's strange listening to people about what happens to them because often we can think it is just ourself who are having these problems, I have certainly found being on this site helps to undertand better. Hope everyone manages to enjoy xmas and stays well. X

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