Day 5 of not smoking :)

Hi everyone, thought i'd share that I am on day 5 of my not smoking :) I'm very proud of myself and just hope I can keep up the good work!

However, I'm a bit fed up that although I spend most of my life either feeling sick or being sick, why on earth has my body decided to be hungry for the last week and I'm eating all kinds of rubbish that I wouldn't normally eat and the last five days I've not stopped eating!!! :( I'll be the size of a house before the months out :( Oh the joys

Hope everyone's having the best day they can possibly have :)

Take care, Mandy x

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  • Great news pollyanna, keep up the good work x

  • Thank you x

  • well done,giving up smoking. we are all behind you, dont worry about being hungry, that should pass in time, keep up the good work.x x

  • Thank you, its just typical though that I normally can't eat or even when I can its very little! Then when you don't want to be eating you can't stop!!! Hey ho :) x

  • Great going Mandy ! Smoking is known to supress the apitite so maybe you could exchange those naughty nibbles for something more healthy, like chopped carrot, cellery etc.. Bag them in advance and keep a ready supply in the fridge. Treat yourself with a nice herbal tea as well and just think of the toxins that are being flushed out of your body. Lemon and ginger can be great for getting you started in the morning and some people find it relieves nausea.. Tip. soup keeps your tummy full longer than a sandwhich and has far less callories. Don't forget to pamper yourself. I imagine youv'e almost saved enough to book a massage don't you !! Well done girl xx

  • You are doing really well and should be very proud of yourself as I can only hang my head in shame as I still have not managed to quit this awful habit but I keep trying.

    Well done.

    Sue x

  • never give up trying

  • I am so proud of you keep it up.

    But you must stop the eating of junk,as its not good for your body and your lupus.

    Snack on fruit or carrots.

    I gave up 4 yrs ago,I still miss a ciggy now and again,but i hate the smell of the smoke,and i now smell better and so does my home and that's what keeps me going.

  • Thanks everyone, I will get my fresh nibbles ready and leave the rubbish :) I do usually make good choices but sometimes, you just want rubbish even though you know you'll pay for it later.

    Sue, don't give up, giving up :) I've tried so many time and failed, just hoping I can keep it up this time :)

    Thanks again for the encouragement and support, hope your having the best day you can possibly have, take care, Mandy x

  • Well done Mandy, wish I could do it, I tried with the help of the Ecig but went through a really rough patch in my life,stress became too much and I went back on them. Such a failure. But well done to you, keep it up. Trish x

  • Congratulations! I need to give up too but just don't have the willpower! Keep up the good work! x

  • well done keep up the good work :)

  • Thank you all. Day 8 now! Go me Go me! :)

    Let me say that I give up, giving up because I was so fed up failing, I have tried everything in the past, my biggest problem is will power and I have none, I am not out of the woods yet by a long shot, but just keep telling myself this is something I want to do and I've told people on here and face book!!! so extra shame if I fail this time, and I really do want to stop, so don't give up giving up, just keep trying, stick a patch on or chewy in, and if you can deal with all the other crap life has thrown at us, hey what's smoking :)

    Don't give up, giving up!!!

    Take care, Mandy x

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