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Feeling sick, tired and loss of appetite

Ive been feeling sick for about a week now an dim not eating properly. Not really eating breakfast or lunch and with tea i hardly eat anything. I have also been experiencing headaches and migraines and these are making me tired. If anyone knows what is wrong with me before i go to the doctors it would be really appreciated

Thanks a lot

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Hi Jessielouu,

Have you been diagnosed with lupus? Has anything changed for you that you might be able to connect to these new symptoms (ie. stress, change of medications etc)?


Hi, thank you for replying. ive never been diagnosed with that ive never even heard of it haha, i'm 17 years old so a little stressed with college i suppose but thats about it, but im also asthmatic?


OK, I asked because you have posted this in a forum for lupus patients. Stress can certainly have an effect on your well being and could make you feel sick, affect your appetite and make you more prone to catching viruses. Have you been to see your GP to discuss how you are feeling?


I done that because i saw that someone on here had similar symptoms to me and wasnt sure if i had the same type of thing or not but didnt want to go straight to the doctors if it wasnt. No not yet just incase its nothing


Lupus has lots of symptoms, and affects many different people in different ways. Based on your symptoms, unless you have others that are unexplained, or a family history of lupus or other autoimmune conditions, I wouldn't be worried that it may be the cause.

All of the symptoms that you mention could be caused by stress. That doesn't mean that they necessarily are, or that you shouldn't seek advice from your doctor, but there may be a more common cause than lupus.


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