Hi, I'm new here. I was so wondering of anyone suffers with food aversion? Recently the only thing I've been able to eat is pasta with chopped tomatoes and cheese and chocolate. The thought of eating anything else makes me instantly nauseas Ive tried to eat other things but it makes me feel worse and the thought of it in my stomach makes me want to run to the loo. the smell of food cooking makes me gag! If I smell anything cooking I cant eat it I can't even be jn the same room as someone else eating it. I need to sort my diet out as I have IBS and my poor appetite and diet isn't helping!


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12 Replies

  • Yes, just like you. Even seeing certain foods on the TV makes me feel nausea. I especially don't like the smell of most foods. I have to force myself to eat almost every day. Recently, I've had more appetite but I think it's due to being on a strong antibiotic for an infection of the skin. Being near people eating, seeing them eat makes me feel very nauseous.

    It's interesting that I can tolerate fresh tomatoes and chocolate also. I never was much into chocolate. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome too.

  • What medication do you take? Could this be causing the problem? Worth checking with your doctor.

  • I've had bouts of this but I think they were meds related ... I went through a whole year where I couldn't even think about eating chicken and the smell of cucumber made me heave. Ham and haribo were my cravings that I couldn't survive without. As Lupiknits says what drugs are you on?

  • I mention the meds because I was on some once ( not auto-immune related) that made me feel so queasy in supermarkets that I had to hold my breath as much as poss and race through a pre-planned route. Those were the days I could leg it though!

  • Hi gremlin

    Have tou discussed this with your GP/lupus specialist? Perhaps gastrointestinal related?

    With me it's not so much food aversion as intolerance. I look back and realise that gradually I ate less and less of certain foods. Quite opposite to your diet -tomatoes, any salad item in fact, and fruit - which I totally love, makes my gums swell and tongue tingle and the skin peel from the roof of mouth. Needless to say, the diet becomes limited and therefore less varied, which doesn't help the cause I believe. Sometimes, the smell of certain foods does make me queasy- BUT when it comes to fragrances - household cleaners and air freshener then I could 'run for the hills' - I feel like I'm choking and unable to breath. I can smell things in another room that no one else can - What is that all about I wonder? Perhaps inflammation? Whose to say - everyone has similarities with autoimmune disorders, but also many varied symptoms too..... bewildering to say the least.


  • I can smell anything in the whole flat, outside the flat and even coming through the walls from neighbors cooking!!! It's awful. I have smelled out hidden molds and all kinds of other things that nobody else even remotely smells. I would love to know what this is. I absolutely cannot tolerate the smell of garbage and I have to throw it out more than once a day. I've had this most of my life but in the past 3 years much worse.

    I also get a lot of sores in my mouth and really painful ones on the sides of my tongue and I know it comes from things that I eat but I can't figure it out.

    Great post topic!! :)

  • Me too Amy CV ! Awful isnt it?

    I had the most horrendous ulcer on the very tip of my tongue that was so bad I ended up going to the hospital (Easter bank holiday ),as it was affecting my face- it was so deep. Urgh! I was prescribed buccal steroid tablets to dissolve on the ulcer. Now that was painful. Boy, did my eyes water! I was unable to eat hardly anything for three weeks. Liquid diet. Joy!

    Some sort of hypersensitivity respone perhaps?

  • I am on 100mg of sertraline (anti-depressant) docusate, laxido. I've always been a fussy eater. My appetite is non existent. I don't get hungry. I have 1 meal a day (dinner) and that's only because food gets made for me and it keeps everyone off my back. I haven't spoken to my GP because it's so hard to get an appointment and when I do something more important comes up. Yesterday I got diagnosed with a fissure. I've had this for about a year and only yesterday did a doctor actually listen and look and find the problem instead of guessing.

    It's getting out of hand now though the foods i can eat is getting smaller and smaller. If o have eaten and am then sick I won't eat the last thing I ate again even if it had nothing to do with the reason I was sick.

  • Perhaps the antidepressants are the cause of your diminishing appetite reducing your desire to eat? Don't give up on your GP visit. If you are eating so much less you will become even more unwell-and on one wants that!😌X

    That said, I don't take antidepressants, but I can go with what you are saying about avoiding foods for fear of being unwell. It's a viscous circle. I can eat something one day, be totally fine. Another day, same food - horrendous gnawing pain, then a griping pain, then a need to visit the restroom! I do avoid it then for a while and then reintroduce to see if ok. Not sure it's the food with me really.

    I could eat anything and everything about five years ago, and then, along with all matter of things autoimmune related, I am now a stone lighter because of the gastro-related problems and goodness knows what else!

    I have been told it's GERD and take Omeprazole. And ibs as an add on!! As if we want to add to our comprehensive list of symptoms.

    Oh, and as yet, I haven't been officially diagnosed with Lupus. My consultation with rheumatologist suggested perhaps one of three things: Lupus/MCTD/Vasculitis. Still having tests and seeing dermatologist for skin problems. Whatever it is gremlin- it's horrid!

    Love your username too - I feel like I have turned into one most days! 😈

  • That's interesting. I have lost most of my interest in food. This is good because I need to lose weight. I really exist on fruit and v dark chocolate. I have a piece of gf toast for breakfast.

    I really don't like meat or coffee any more. I'm putting it down to the drugs.

    I even don't want chips...not that I had them very often. How bad is that !

    There seem to be quite a few of us.

  • I can no longer tolerate fresh cream - I used to slather it on anything dessert related! I don't get it either!

    I do wonder if it's hormone related (as in similar to when pregnant) - when you either feel ill at the sight and smell or, have a craving for odd combinations of food?? It is def how I feel at times. Certainly not expecting that's for sure!!

  • Crazy! I thought I was the only one and jusy being a fussy Madame but worse than usual haha! Just the thought of having to out food in my mouth jisy makes me cringe it's so weird! But give me sugary things like sweets chocolate biscuits I can eat that with no problem. I need to loose some weight but I went down the not eating route when I was younger and got very sick but the foods that don't make me want to run away aren't going to make me skinny haha

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