Feeling worse than before... still looking for cause

I have no idea if I have lupus, but I have other inflammatory conditions: lipoedema, histamine intolerance, many allergies. Food issues leading to anaemia, dizzy, appetite goes half way through (or less) a meal and then I gag. Then I stop eating. I do need to lose weight but I don't know why it's happening. I am using hemp oil at the moment, but I don't think that's the problem. I don't want to waste anyone's time, but I found this sight through googling my eating issues and dizziness. I can't make comments unless I have a profile.


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  • Many of the inflammatory diseases affect the gastro system in a lot of ways. I'm sure there will be many here who will have more experience of that particular problem and they'll suggest ways of how to deal with it but you need it checked by a gastroenterologist anyway, to see what causes it in your case.

  • Hi, I have lipoedema too! I wonder if it's related?! 

  • Hi - I too have gastro issues probably relating to food intolerance and also get dizzy often. My own autoimmunity so far only extends to RA and Hashimotos with secondary Sjogrens and Raynauds. I have a very long history of allergies including eczema and alopecia. I have just been referred to a gastroenterologist because of IBS type problems. 

    Two thoughts Spring to mind regarding your symptoms - the first is gastroparesis and secondly I wonder if you've come across Mast Cell disorders?  I'm looking into both of these for myself but not far enough into my research to be well informed yet. 

  • Blimey your really going through it aren't you? X I wish you well xx

  • Hi, well I am actually looking at Gastrop, but my husband is the researcher - he can understand very complex stuff, so feel free to send it. I am very interested. I have been through Gastroenterologists type tests and there was nothing they found. I had Lymes' disease. I think that with Sjogrons you would always get digestive issues? I am so fed up I'm starting to educate myself about crystal therapy, just for a change, and diet experimentation as the nausea is still continuing. I think I'm a bit toxic because of the Lipodema. Don't think I'm mad, but I think for you, orange calcite would be good. Feel free to disregard! Good luck, stay in touch :-)

  • Do you go on Facebook, Talk Lipodema? x

  • Yes I do, do you? X

  • yes 

  • Not really going through it as much as others because my RA is quiet now and my eczema has gone. My main problem is widesoread small fibre neuropathy - and this has turned to numbness now which is the probable cause for my dizziness. It's the digestive issues that are most troubling at present for me but many here have it a lot worse to bear

  • I hope they get something sorted out for you xxx

  • Aw, sorry, that sounds rough - I hope they get you patched up - there are so many tests and there doesn't seem o be much willingness to diagnose thesedays. 

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