In hospital again

Yet another infection. 3uti and passing blood again and another course of antibiotics what a year it had been. Now on bed rest for a day or two. As per usual the junior drs at ed say well ur blood work is fine, so I remind them I'm immunosuppressed, not that hey both to look at how low my neutrophils are nor the my ck result is 280 which means I'm burning muscle. And so they send me home, now I'm in so much discomfort from my joints and muscles its unreal.

But the good news is my faith is getting stronger and that god makes my feel I have purpose in the world. And I remember there are a lot more worse off than me.

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  • awww sorry to hear this,take care xx

  • Sorry to hear about your latest bout in hospital. So glad to know that you are recieving strength in your hour of need. God Bless You medic1969 x

  • What is a matter with doctors, is it to much to get them to understand some one who needs medical help. To much hard working thinking. A UTI for other people doesn't always mean a lot to us it's horrible doesn't know when to go away. Took me a long time like a couple of years to mke them realise how unwell I would feel. Got antibiotics for three months at the mo and finally freely better. Good luck hope you pick up. Xx

  • May God continue to strengthen U...i wish U a speedy recovery x

  • Faith is a wonderful feeling , it has and continues to help me through life xxx

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