In hospital again

Well what a ride the last two weeks have been, developed another uti ? Cause went to hospital spent the night then discharged, I explained to them I could wee and needed a catheter as in retention, the following day catheter removed and still in retention. I was then catheterised by a very junior dr who just rammed the damn thing in and bang damaged the bladder neck. Bleeding ever since spent a week in urology, now have to wear a self drainage catheter for another week. If o upon removing I still can't wee have to have a bladder neck incision, removal of prostate and left testicle. What a year.

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  • Sorry to hear about all your troubles. Hope things get better for you.

  • Hope you get better soon


  • really hoping things will start to improve for you

  • Sounds like a nightmare,maybe U should complain about junior dr who left U un do much pain.

    Try to focus on the moment & not about a pending operation that hopefully won't happen.

    I wish you a quick recovery & hope you can feel a bit like your regular self soon.

  • Oh that's rough. I wish you better soon. x

  • I hope you get well soon and be able to put this ordeal on the back burner. Keep thinking them positive thoughts, you are in my prayers.

    Lulabelle x

  • I dont envy you getting a cathater in!! Ouch!! I had to have ond in afted I had my son and I swead it hurt more than the labour! I had more pain relief for that than I did giving birth and I was even trying to kick the doctor in the head as she wouldn't stop trying to force it in before the pain relief had kicked in!! Hope your better soon xx

  • It sounds such a horrible experience, hope that you are soon on the mend.

  • :-( sorry to hear this,wishing you well xx

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