Hip pain

I'm getting left hip pain at the moment with the same pain then down the left shin going in to my ankle from my knee. But no pain between hip and knee. The pain is intense and have taken Co-codamol but although it eases it for about an hour it doesn't go. This is now day 4! What stronger pain killers can I ask for I'm in the UK. (I can't take anti-inflammatorys as I'm allergic to them).

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  • I would think it is your knee that has gone - hip pain because your knee isn't sitting straight - pain down shin classic pain pattern get your knees checked out

  • I also experience some of the same type hip & leg pain. And symptoms.my hip pain starts at the very top on lower back, shoots both left & right. & radiates to tailbone and down into the area where you sit?, Think coxxyx? Not sure, happens sometimes both sides or one. Literally feels as though ive been given a tetnus shot right in the cheek, even cannot touch the area, it gets so painful. & usually when thats happening i get extreme pain in mid shin bone(feels like tries to bend in2), only way describe it, it also makes my ankle & foot hurt too. Noticed now also my low back is hurting, cannot turn or bend in certain ways it feels like somthing gets hung up in there, and with that, now my entire right hip, thigh numb, started out pins and needles feeling, now i cannot feel anything except for that deep bone type feeling. I went to e.r. For treatment bronchitis was given rocephen antibiotic shot, and a cortisone shot in that right hip, i did not feel it at all!!sad thing is im on disability and was told i need an mri that my symptoms are serious, but i cant get mri unkess im in bad accident, and bones are broken, visibly!!! :( Sukks totally the system sukks!!!& I used to be a darnd LPN 25+ YEARS!!!!! WTH


  • Get to your Doctor. I had hip/knee pain, I was given steroid injections from Rhumatology nurse, after going back and forth for 8 months, and eventually an X-Ray, they discovered I had avascular necrosis and needed hip replacement - which is now fantastic. My knee pain was coming off my hip.

  • Totally agree with MoragAirth, you must go to GP and get refered to a rhumatologist consultant. I had similar pains and it turned out I needed both hips replaced. Until you see a professional you can't be sure exactly what is causing your pain. Best wishes start the ball rolling today.

  • I often get knee and hip pain and I find wearing a knee support (pro sport) helps. I have seen the GP and had an MRI to rule out avascular necrosis first so I recommend getting checked out as mentyioned above.

    I hope you find some relief soon xxx

  • Thank you. I have a GP appointment today and already have a rheumatologist appointment at the end of the month at Guy's hospital so hopefully it will get sorted. Also have a Bowen treatment booked for this week. Just need to feel as pain free as possible for the end the month as I have an important championships (dressage).

  • I have a similar problem with my right leg,and ankle, mainly due to sciatica. I have insoles for my shoes,and find it impossible to find a nice supporting sandal to wear for my holidays. I cannot get the insole into trainers, which would be ideal as part of our holiday involves some walking, I can only take Paracetamol for any pain

    I am taking other medication for Hiatus Hernia, Fibromyalgia,COPD If anyone has any ideas as to where I can purchase shoes, sandals that I can use with the insoles and ideas how to ease the pain in my ankle this would be appreciated

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