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Is lupus face rash itchy?

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Hi, I've developed possible malar rash on my face and have some other weird symptoms ..... having bloods tomorrow for suspected lupus. Just wondered if people find their lupus face rash is excessively itchy ..... as mine is!!! I am wondering if it might be something else altogether and my other symptoms are in fact unconnected?

Also any suggestions to ease the itching would be much appreciated! Thanks

6 Replies
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I got diagnosed last year and a certain part of my rash next to my nose was risen and alot harder than up round my eyes and it was always itchy.. Hope this helps xx

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Mine was tight, sore and uncomfortable at times but never really itchy. I don't think this factor alone will really determine whether it's a lupus rash or not. It all depends how long it's been up, how you feel otherwise, whether it's raised and what pattern it is in. If it's elsewhere on your body they may even do a skin biopsy to check.

Mild malar rashes can be very hard to distinguish from rosacea and a couple of other skin complaints so only a specialist dermatologist can do this really. I have had both the malar rash and rosacea (induced by steroids taken for SLE) at different times and have slowly learnt the differences for me. When my rosacea first came up even my specialist rheumatologist thought it was a lupus rash.

I don't know what your other symptoms are but no matter what the cause of your rash, you should see a dermatologist if it persists.

Hope this helps.

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bexsmith23 in reply to heatherevans28

Thanks, yes that def helps .... as my step sister has rocacea, but I have been feeling unwell with that s rash and I feel it is v different to her symptoms!

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Hi, i was advised to use Calendula cream (Nelson's) and find it very effective. Also a steroid cream (applied very sparingly, but be careful with this. Hope you find something to ease)

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That’s not my experience but everyone’s different. I have rash on my neck which never goes away, and it sometimes is itchy if I’ve been in the sun. The very best of luck on your journey🍀 Nan

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Thanks for your comments everyone, get my blood results mon or tues so we will see where that leads !!!

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