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Absolutely disgusting PIP professional awarded six points daily living and 10 mobility AVM,stroke, epilepsy APS That caused a PE and lupus


2000 I started having major seizures and an AVM was found 2003 following one procedure to treat it I had a stroke losing most of the use of my right leg forcing me to use a walking stick 2006 and aneurysm was found on the right side of my brain as a result of the AVM 2012 PE found on my left lung following diagnosis of lupus 2013.The crazy lady that did the PIP

Decided that on the descriptors preparing food I could use a microwave

I carefully explained to her that it's painful and I fatigue and this brings on a seizure .

She noted that during the assessment at the assessment centre I could sit for 15 minutes without moving. Until I was inconsistent due to the fact I could sit for so long

This person obviously have no idea what she talking about she is a disgrace to the healthcare professionals I could go on all the things that she has said that is left me in tears absolutely disgraceful

I have never come across a PIP form like it and I feel very physically sick with it.

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This makes me so angry! Please take it forward to a mandatory reassessment and ask for a copy of the assessor's report. That copy is the most enlightening part. Twisted words, and downright lies in mine.

If you can get the help of a Welfare Rights Officer I'd really recommend it. You may ( but not necessarily) need to go to tribunal if they don't change anything at the mandatory stage, but remember 2/3rds of people succeed by then.

I'm at the heading for Tribunal stage because I was dropped from full care to the middle care. This drop comes after having DLA then PIP at the same rate for a number of years and nothing whatsoever has changed, except the assessor's grasp of the concept of the truth.

Chin up! We're on your side x

Oh no, that is dreadful. Sorry to hear that, Joyful1971. As you know, over 70% of appeals are upheld, so if you can face it, it might be worth appealing? x

Hi joyful 1971 I know how you feel. The healthcare professionals have no idea. I scored 4 points on my pip assessment and nothing for mobility. I've asked them to look at it again..

Absolutely disgraceful!!! These people are out to make our lives as difficult as they can..it seems that having medical diagnosis and evidence of that means nothing to them. If someone robbed your handbag and tried to kill u in the process..u wouldn't really want to have much to do with them again..but we have to go through this traumatic experience again n again..as well as scary medical stuff!!! Please DO NOT LET THIS GET TO YOU!! U have plenty of evidence I'm sure and a tribunal will be different to the assessor..but be prepared they usually try to do your head in first..making u out to be a liar. Get help from citizens advice..they deal with this stuff all the time and most of them know what they are doing. This is baffling for us and is actually bad for our health ..there should be a government health warning on the initial form I think!! Get good representation n hopefully it will feel better able to get through the whole process. Another thing I would say is if u can approach your GP do so n tell them what's happened they can do a letter for u to confirm the diagnoses n difficulty that u are having health-wise..that seemed to be what the appeal decision was based on in my case..my GP had pictures of my ulcerated feet that she copied for me( the assessor wouldn't even look at my phone photos of said feet during my assessment). Well I've probably said enough for now..I could go on for ages..but I'll wear myself out. Stay strong..get help..you are a lupus warrior!!

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Hi Krazykat26, thanks for your advice. I will keep you updated 👍👍

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