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I have applied for PIP and am having my face to face assessment next week but this morning, I had a phone call from a nurse at Capita asking me how my condition affected me, how I use stairs, toilet, bathroom, What aids I have, do I have any pets and some more personal questions. Now I was just wondering has anyone else had this before a face to face assessment because I just found it odd to be asked these questions over the phone when I am being assessed face to face next week. xxx

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  • I drove to my assessment and needed crutches but was told I was too mobile! i think it is a lottery but wish you all the best of luck.

  • My assignment is on Tuesday, miles away from my home but I haven't had any phone calls yet.

  • Hi MargaretGail

    Good Luck for your PIP assessment on Tuesday, hope you can cope with the travelling and it goes well. I've been lucky not having to go thru it on DLA but realise it could be different when I have to re-apply for PIP. Let us know how you get on, no wonder you've been feeling so low about everything.

    Great tip about reducing the steroids, will try it as it is harder below 10mg.

    Take Care.X

  • thanks Misty xx

  • How did your assessment go. I had mine today and Ive written a small note at the bottom of this post. Hope you are ok after it all. xxx

  • I had my assessment at home with Capita and no call beforehand. They are going to go through all that when they see you so a call is not necessary.

  • To be honest that's exactly what I thought. All the questions he was asking will be questions the assessor will ask on Wednesday. It just seems strange to me that a nurse would call me up at home when an assessment is due in just a few days time. I did send in some strong evidence (I have very poor mobility not just due to Lupus, but also I have severe spinal arthritis which prevents me from walking) and I was just wondering if the assessment has been done over the phone rather than face to face. They haven't cancelled my appointment for Wednesday yet though. Maybe I'm just wishful thinking but I've searched the internet and cannot find one post on anyone that this has happened to. Its really got me puzzled.

  • I'm afraid the call is to try and catch you out; the question about pets is usually used to determine whether you're more capable than you are (it's a rubbish question, having pets doesn't mean you're not disabled, but it's how they sometimes argue it) they will compare the answers you gave with your face to face if you have it but they may also presume from your questions whether you need a face to face or not.

    With this said, don't panic; you can still fight for your corner on this and if you can write down the date and time it will be usefu. But for future reference I would encourage people that, if you have a face to face assessment coming up and anyone calls you to try and get you to have an assessment over the phone, I would suggest refusing and saying you would rather have face to face as then you can have a carer or someone who knows you present. You don't have to answer their questions if you already have an assessment coming, and if they have decided to do a phone reference then they should inform you of the change in writing first.

    Just a heads up - again I wouldn't panic but sometimes dirty tricks get used with these claims and its best to know in advance.

  • Ive just been in contact with Disability Wales and told them about the phone call and they are going to look into it for me. The more I think about it, the more I realise they shouldn't have done it. I'll keep you posted as to what happens. xx

  • good heads up on the pets question Silvergilt, I'll keep quiet about those.

  • I had my PIP assessment 2 days ago at home. It lasted 70 mins and was exhausting. They literally go through your form again. Apparently I was being assessed as I typed my answers instead of writing on the sheet as it's much easier for me than holding a pen, but according to them if you suffer from joint pain then you wouldn't be able to type. So i said that I also put on the form that it took me over a week to complete, to which the assessor replied, oh they don't read everything on the form properly.!!!!!!!

  • I had a phone call to say a doctor would call but not when, I asked that Not before 10am as it takes me that long to come round. He could not have been nicer, he just said do what you do as if I am not here to get upstairs, so hubby helped me up off the sofa as is normal. then I said it would be faster if he went first and he said he would stay behind in case I fell. That wasn't the reason as I found out later. I have to go up Sideways one step at a time and he laughed and asked how long it took me to get to the loo, I said there was one down stairs and his reply was Good Job! They do have a 'security' camera in the car park and can see just How you get out of the car.

    The best advice is BE HONEST do not try to 'put it on' as one lady I know did and they caught her out. The team is Not daft and they have to have a Doctor who knows about Lupus. I was Lucky I had a severely disabled Gentleman on the panel and was fascinated when I showed him just how I managed to pick up the tiny pills (It was a question I was asked). I Lick the top of my finger and press it gently on to the pill and it sticks. He asked if he could show all his disabled patients this and said he was impressed with my ingenuity. I later found out it was a 'trap' question (Not asked by him ) to see if I could pick the tiny pills up.

    He also asked which one I would get rid of if I could my IBS or my Lupus sle. LUPUS with out taking a breath. I went in and greeted them with a smile as I would anyone else and was myself throughout.

    When they had finished they asked my what I expected and I replied 'An honest assessment' and went to wait in the waiting annex to the room. I was amazed they awarded me the Highest for care and mobility which was not what I had asked for, I had just applied for the Middle. So HONESTY DOES PAY. Good Luck.

  • They might of asked if you had dog might be because one of them might of been attacked by a dog lol I feel like getting an American bull dog for when the MP comes knocking on my door asking me for his vote.

    I had an assessment at home they just called me with a cancelation date which I took good luck

  • well this is getting more interesting by the minute! I phones Disability Wales and they've heard of no one who's had a pre-assessment assessment by phone! I could be wrong but if it smells like a rat and looks like a rat then its a rat until I find out otherwise.

  • Hi lillyanne it certainly does sound strange. Perhaps you could ask them why it was necessary to phone you when the sane things would be discussed at the assessment. It would be interesting to hear what they say as I can't think of a valid reason for this. Good lack with it all and hope it goes well for you. Carolx

  • Sorry about the spelling, had a bad night!!

  • I am going for my assessment on Wednesday and not had a phone call like that.

  • I would not give personal information over the phone in a situation like this.

  • Hello,

    I had my PIP assessment about 3 months ago. My appointment was for a Wednesday morning at 8am. The Friday evening before my husband took a call from an assessor who wanted to speak to me, but luckily (or unluckily!!) I was out. They didn't ring back. My assessment was very long winded and l was also asked how I managed to take my pills, the funny thing is I do the same as Hazel, my husband has to take them out of the blooming foil packets and I then lick them and stick them to my fingers, it works a treat!! As mentioned previously just be yourself!!

  • Well I just thought I'd update you all Disabiliity Wales have been in touch with Capita and told them that the reason for the phone call was not made clear to me. The phone call was actually part of my assessment and it was done to make the actual face to face assessment shorter. To cut a long story short (because I have a banging headache from a very stressful day) I had my assessment and told my assessor what had happened. I have to say he was a lovely chap and went through the answers on the phone with me to see if I was happy with the answers I had given (which I was). I think the assessment went ok but now comes the dreaded wait for the brown envelope so stress still not over with. Tonight, I am covered in a rash which is itching like there's no tomorrow. I've actually made my hands bleed its so bad. I think its from the stress. As I said before, banging headache and just feel like sh** if you'll pardon my French :). God I hope they know what they put us through. Oh nearly forgot, the assessor was an hour and a half late but I couldn't really fault him when he did arrive so here's hoping. Just be aware anyone that's having an assessment that these phone calls are now common practice. love to all xxxxx

  • Hi Lillyanne, I had my assessment yesterday and was for armed by your post :) I think that it went well but I was completely shattered at the end of it. I went home and straight to sleep!

  • I know exactly how you feel Margaret. I fell completely wiped out. I'm off to bed now , I just wanted to post what had happened. I hope you feel better and that the outcome is good for us both. xxx

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