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Well got copy of my pip assessment,I doubt I get it,told assessor how I was and how my life affected,her profession is mental health nurse,had wrote on report,I didn't looked fatigued,well Kempt,neatly dressed,looks well,no significant impact on daily life is present,no review be required,no requirements to arrange a review of claim,as signifanct change unlikely,but the claimant has intellectual or cognitive impairment,may need additional support with future claims.????,am so angry,my god I work with mental health patients,she didn't get me at all,my reumy gona write a report to them,I guess the answer be no for pip,my god if she saw how I was some days,so guys,turn up to your assessment as though you just got out your bed.

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  • I had a similar letter &was having chemotherapy at the time .hair & nails had fallen out but they said I looked well & no evidence of chemo .I think they put what they want it was a waste of time .

  • It terrible,I had a mental health nurse assess me,give me her report,should av been a doctor ,I work in mental health wards,none of them even heard of lupus for Christ sake,so frustrating.!!!

  • If you are turned down ask your local DIAL to do a Mandatory appeal (think that's what it's called) they are brilliant.

  • Sorry,what would my local dial be?

  • It's a charity run to help the disabled, just Google DIAL and Your nearest one will show up. :)

  • How upsetting. CAB will help if you contact them. Unfortunately these people do not understand the condition and perhaps never will. I had a great lady and I told her this web site and told her there and then to look at the responses on site. She did this and was amazed and I think quite upset that we are being dealt with so badly.

    Best of Luck Diane

  • Thankyou,I find it strange a mental health nurse done the assessment,feel she had elaborated more on my depression,but this is really because I feel so ill and trying to work full time that makes me depressed as I'm exhausted.

  • I really do know how you feel. A friend of mine suffers from hyper mobility. She has the mobility allowance but cant get pips because the nurse who came to see her said she could cook dinner and walk about her rooms. The thing is she can only cook dinner at 10 in the morning because by 11 she had had it for the day. Walking about her rooms had to be done on two sticks and still the nurse failed her.

    I guess I must have been lucky to have got away so lightly.

  • I don't know what it is with these 'professionals'. Until they walk in our shoes, they have no idea what it feels like.

    On another different note, an acquaintance was made unintentionally homeless. Having walked for miles each day looking for help for a place to live, he was told..." you look too clean to be homeless.."!!!

    Thankfully he has somewhere permanent to live now.

    The mind boggles.

  • Aw thankyou .

  • I really feel for anyone going through this and I don't think for one minuet it will improve it is disgusting the way people are treated.

    What does a mental health nurse know about Lupus but I do agree with the one reply ''turn up like you just got out of bed''

  • I think that is par for the course. The stuff that gets written on them is just plain ridiculous. When I found myself in a Nursing Home this time, I totally freaked out because I had seen on one of my previous reports pre-dementia. I found I really couldn't make sense of the nursing home maize. I was insulted by the way they treated me, watching me swallow horse pills.

    More recently, I have been told by people I trust that there is no way I have those kinds of cognitive issues. I have regained much of my functioning. Balance is still a problem, but coming along. There was no mention that my adrenal glands quit functioning causing my body to go out of whack. It was in shock. Whatever tests they ran, did not show active lupus. When I'm not angry, I just laugh at how stupid supposed professionals are.

    It is and has been my belief that the write up tells more about the person writing it than the person it is supposed to assess. If you don't get the pip, I would appeal it, appeal it, appeal it. In the states, at some point, you need to hire a disability attorney or group that does those appeals.

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