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Hi, community.

Has anyone found a travel insurance company that will cover multiple, chronic conditions?

As seems to be the case with most of us on this forum, I don't "just" have the one chronic condition, ie cutaneous lupus. I actually have a couple of others (IBS and a form of muscular dystrophy), so I am seen annually by two or three consultants for follow-up. Plus, I am awaiting investigations of my bowel because of very slow transit times and worsening constipation, possibly due to anterior and posterior vaginal wall prolapses, so that is a condition that has "not yet been diagnosed", according to Insure & Go's questionnaire.

I've been trying to get annual, multi trip travel insurance, which is the policy we have taken out for several years with Insure and Go. Up until this year, my husband and I were able to declare our medical conditions and pay an extra premium to be covered. That was fine but this year, they are asking whether either of us has been seen or is waiting to be seen by a doctor/consultant or attended outpatients within the last 1 (or 2) years. I answered yes to that and I&G declined to cover me for any and all of my medical conditions and they won't give me cover for one and not the others. It feels bizarre. Anyone with a chronic condition will be followed up in clinic annually. I addition, I have a condition that has not yet been diagnosed, ie the bowel problem.

I have tried several other companies but once they hear about my conditions, the regular follow up and the "undiagnosed condition" I am refused cover. Has anyone else experienced this this year? The questions seem much more detailed and there is absolutely no wriggle room.

I know that if I don't declare in full, no company would pay out for any event that occurred.

If anyone knows of a specialist company which might cover me, even if the extra premium is expensive, I'd be grateful to hear of it. Thank you.

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I always use a comparison site like money supermarket or go compare for pre exsisting medical conditions .I have lupus, kidney transplant & lots of other things & have had good price for annual policy . Hope this is of help

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skylark15 in reply to tremarel

Hi, Tremarel.

Thanks for your prompt response. I'll try one of the comparison websites.

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eekt in reply to skylark15

Lupus UK has teamed up with an insurer -


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skylark15 in reply to eekt

Thanks, eekt, that sounds very promising. I'll contact the company.

Hi, I have always used insure and go and like you just paid a premium for behcets disease. I did t know that they would t cover if you are waiting to see a consultant about an undiagnosed condition. It's a minefield. Sorry I can t help but I hope you find someone to cover you. A booked holiday is what keeps me going!

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skylark15 in reply to Alex97

Hi, Alex 97. I think the questions have changed & tightened up this year. I know exactly what you mean about having holidays to look forward to: Georgia (the country) here we come!

Try Stay Sure I’ve used them every time.

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skylark15 in reply to Bessy01

Hello, Bessy01, thanks for your reply: I'll spend this afternoon trying all these helpful suggestions. I just love this community. There're answers and/or support on whatever is bothering me, and at any hour of the day or night😊😊.

Sometimes it's best to just reveal what you have been diagnosed with. I know you want to be honest and you would be. No need to disclose of what might happen. I owned a travel agency and I always recommended trip insurance. It's a great deal. Very cheap and gives you peace of mind. Is there another trip insurance you can use? I hope so. It's been a long time since I worked in travel plus I'm in the US so things are different because our insurance providers cover some too. I'm surprised that they actually ask you to list your illnesses. Things have really changed. Go! Have a good holiday.

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skylark15 in reply to Angelann69

Hi, Angelann69.

Interesting to hear of your experience "in the industry". We will go but I really would like to be covered for existing conditions, of possible, even if it is costly. Thanks for your encouragement.

Might be worth trying - they are really good as they were formed to cover people who might have problems getting insurance elsewhere.

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skylark15 in reply to Hullsue

Hello, Hullsue.

Thank you for your reply. Another company that certainly sounds promising.

I have multiple autoimmune diseases and have got cover from all clear they weren't cheap but they would cover me.I hope you find someone to help.Jane

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skylark15 in reply to jane1964

Hi, Jane 1964.

You're the second person to recommend All Clear. I have spent quite a while checking out all the companies suggested so far. All Clear seem to offer some good options; their own and Zurich. Thanks.

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