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health insurance

Hello! Loving this new app a lot easier then having to log in the browsers

I wanting to go private under an insurance company because the NHS waiting times and not being seen for months on end and being lost in the system is starting to get annoying.

Has anyone had any luck with any of the companies such as bupa? Most don't seem to want to touch someone who has a medical condition already.

Thanks I'm from Northern Ireland so I might not be able to get a lot of availability

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Hello Jess ,I too have the mouth issues of Sojgren's. Private Insurance Will not accept chronic illness & conditions which can be related to any illness. If you want private it is possibly better to organise & self pay. I have had a lot of hassle with private insurers, ( was entitled to it because of husband's work ). It was not worth the money they were looking, quite simply the things I needed were not permitted after the hubby retired. If I really wanted to be seen very urgently & go private I pay for self. However I have received excellent care on the health service also. All the best. Those mouth issues are horrendous, & very persistent. Best Wishes X Pixiewixie

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Hi jess , my gp advised me to go private , went to Ulster clinic. I was undiagnosed at the time and had to see 3 consultants before advised to see rheumatologist. I seen her several times, i was very unwell, she said she would see me under NHS as needed biological treatment which cant do privately. I had several months of wait but was worth it . Are you under a rheumatologist at present?


I did go private when I was 18 professor finch, then he put me onto the NHS for treatment was going really well until he retired lol. I got put under another doctor who I have seen 3 times in under 5 years. Also seeing them training doctors every time I finally get an appointment is crazy.

She has taken me off my medication and said she would see me every 3 months it's been over 6 now 🙄 she is also I seen on private doctor machinery I think. What was your private doctor called? Thinking maybe getting a one time appointment again try and get to the top of the list once more


I will try and private message you the name if thats ok . Never done it before so if doesn't work let me know 🦋


Probably the only option is for you to pay yourself to see someone privately who also has a local NHS list - many good people will see you, assess your needs/likely diagnosis and then add you to their NHS list.

No insurance company will cover you for existing conditions immediately (delay of a year or so) and the chances of finding one who will cover a chronic ongoing condition are about zero. Insurance of all sorts works on risk - and if you have a chronic condition, private insurance knows they will HAVE to pay out. Even when you already have cover and develop a chronic condition they will make that an exclusion at some point.

This is the big thing about stopping the Tories killing the NHS - state funded medicine covers everybody on the basis of need. Private medicine doesn't.


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