IBS like symptoms and mouth ulcers/mild lupus?

Ok..ln that last month been having silly stomache /bowel stuff going on..week of like constipation stuff, then explosive style, then a week normal, then major bloat.sour taste in mouth..Im goin to the doc on monday...I never have this prob;( I eat the proper way...and i excersise (sp)...Its like one thing disappears, then new thing comes lately...arggg

Then...we had a fire in our apartment building on Tuesday...no one got hurt, but we were evacuated for a few days...staying in hotels etc...I got caught in the sun a few times, thought for sure I would have a burn (my sunscreen was at home, not allowed to go back). I didnt get a burn luckily...I also had crummy sleep at hotel.... So i thought Im doing well considering all this...BUT, I today feel real tired, and last night coming home, sure slept dead to the world in my own bed...HOWEVER, I woke up to what might be my first mouth ulcer...So maybe the sun did get to me after all.? PS/ had my thyroid checked today...and it seems to finally be behaving...

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  • Hi dgleds

    So sorry you've had such a stressful time, no wonder your body is reacting! IBS is a very common extra with Lupus and your symptoms sound like it so hopefully your doc will give you treatment. There are drugs that help like Mebeverine. Let us know how you get on.x

  • Thanks misty14..I will let you know.

  • Hello. It sounds like the stress of the fire might have played a part in your symptoms and not just the sun. I have been getting bowel problems and wondered why. I have been diagnosed with lupus now for nearly 6 months and the medication has made a big difference but still a few still hanging around. The bowel stuff does seem to be getting worse and some days it made me anxious at work etc. I hope your symptoms settle down soon. Best wishes.

  • By the way, dgleds, I have been using this site to gain knowledge and support and my understanding is that if you have no organ involvement then your lupus is termed mild. Even if all the symptoms you have and how you feel is serious enough for you. I know I have often thought, if this is mild, I dread to think how others feel.

  • exactly....

  • ok so far on blood test..only thing out of range so far is my GGT is 7...thats low. Not sure what a low GGT means, but I do know what high ones can mean. I am mild lupus person old result was 1:320 homogenous fine speckled (hydroxychloroquin seems to have given me normal tests now) so far....I had elevated CRP, thats ok now too since hydroxychloroquin...My thyroid has whipped back into shape so far, at 1.17 (Im hypo) but its was bouncing before...

    SO..whats with a low GGT?

  • Hi dgleds,

    I think Low GGT doesn't have any clinical significance. My AST and ALT are always low and it annoys my Rheumy no end that the labs highlight it, he says these results should only have upper limits.

    Hope that helps


  • Thanks Keyes....well that would be nice. I noticed that before on a few other tests, low is out of range and highlited, but means nothing really.

  • I attribute bowel probs with the medications we take as they disappeared when I managed to come off everything for a while when getting pregnant. Although our meds relieve our symptoms somewhat, the meds are basically another toxin for our poor overworked systems to process and try to eliminate.

  • I agree...those, and lack of hormones too....

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