steroid injection

has anyone on here had the steroid injection? had my second appointment and was given a steroid injection. my mood has lifted after 3 days but no change in the muscle aches and tiredness. do yo think I should ring up rheumy nurse as she did say if I had any problems to give her a ring. prednisone worked when I was on them after my first appointment but I was given the injection this time. not started hydroxychloroqine yet as g.p. surgery changing computer system and it isn't on the system they reckon. getting annoyed. Chase it up today as took paperwork with meds for me to go on last Wednesday.


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15 Replies

  • Hi mandypandy

    Glad you got help from your Rheumy appointment. Sometimes steroid injections can take longer to kick in fully!. It's a good sign it's started to help. It's hard to be patient when we just want to be well!.

    Good idea to chase up the Hydroxy!. it should be on their new computer system!.Make sure too that you will get a yearly eye check at your local hospital. Your Rheumy should organise this!.

    Hope your even better soon. X

  • I was hoping to get the same relief from the injection as quickly as I did on prednisone tablets. Got a little cleaning job to do today for a friend, I think I am going to struggle and be in a lot of pain. I am going to find out when I am due for an eye test as I do have a cataract on my left eye and finding I am having to take my glasses off yet again for reading small print. I am on e.s.a. And can't afford to keep having to buy new glasses. 120 quid to get lenses thinned before I even start, it's a joke.

  • Here's hoping you get more relief soon mandypandy. Hope you survived cleaning for your friend and you don't pay too high in pain for it!. It's awful cost of glasses etc. So important but way too pricey and they don't need to be. Such a rip off it is. Best of luck. X

  • everything is hurting lol. hey ho. steroid injection not working like the prednisone did. had the injection a week ago. x

  • Hi mandypandy

    Sorry about the stefoid injection, sometimes they don't work or take much longer!. It's Russian roulette with them!. Hope you recover soon. It's hard paying such a price for doing normal things!. X

  • I know. x

  • Try buying your specs on line. Just get a copy of your prescription.......look up a style you like....& that's all there is to it. I always do It over the phone & you get your specs posted to you within 48 hrs. I don't know, but it might not work if you have a very specialised prescription

    I was wary at first & took the glasses I bought( prescription sun glasses for reading - £20) to an optician & asked them to check the lenses against my prescription ...& all was well

    In case you don't know ....the size measurement of your glasses is engraved on the side arm...up near whete it goes over your ear is 6 numbers in sets of two like 48 10 25 not those exact numbers...but you get the idea.

    Good Luck!

  • thank you. x

  • You should get help towards your glasses if you are on esa and specsavers are the cheapest , your voucher won't cover things like getting lenses thinner but their prices for that start at £40 and sometimes they have offers on you can choose the 2 for 1 offer they have or just get one pair with thinner lenses .

  • Hi Mandy, hope you are not too ouch today. I find the general steroid injections work immediately .. Those ones in the bottom. I can have one and by the time I'm home I feel so much better. I know from reading many comments before from people who had them that we all differ in response to the steroid shots so vastly. However, they only last about ten days for me whereas an injection to my knee will last for 7 months and often more and also release most of the other seizing in my joints. I hope you can get the surgery to sort their system out re your RA med and it kicks in soon and you start to feel better.

    I could always choose whether the rheumatologist or my GP prescribed any RA tablets when I used to take those so it is worth a try phoning the rheumy's secretary if you can't get any joy from the GP/computer system. x

  • the only relief I have had is that my mood has lifted but maybe that could be because my diagnosis was confirmed. tiredness and aching muscles still the same. have to have a sleep in the afternoon. I was given the rheumy nurses number if any problems but I don't know if I have given the steroid injection enough of a chance to work. I had it a week last Wednesday. when I had the prednisone tablets they worked in 24 hours but on my second visit I was given injection and no benefit to the aching muscles/tiredness. thank you for your reply. x

  • Some people have said there is very little noticeable relief with a systemic steroid shot. 😐 They do make me feel quite euphoric at first so they could have lifted your mood. Do tell the the nurses it hasn't done that much. Yes, oral steroids have an immediate effect I agree but they can be hard to come off. I had to have them last year between switching meds. I do think the steroid shot should have worked after a day or so. I would have a chat to the rheumy's nurses. They will want to know too to make a note on your records. Hope you are feeling better soon. Hope you can start your med ASAP. Gentle hugs. xx

  • Thank you. I will ring tomorrow. they gave me a couple of numbers to ring. xx

  • Hoping you get some help ASAP. XX

  • Thank you. I will let you know how it goes. xx

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