Steroid injection

Hi just wondering if anyone has had a intramuscular steroid injection and have found it to work almost immediately, I had my first Rheumy appt yesterday and she gave the steroid injection in my right leg, that area feels very bruised, but the impact it has had on my body is amazing, my swelling has gone down I can breath better I feel like life has come to my body after a hellish year and the pain has decreased somewhat. Please tell me it's the steroid and not that its my head.....I'm just fair amazed and so thankful, it's been so rare to actually have a good day for once and though there are still issues I feel so much better already, any one have something on this I would be grateful.


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36 Replies

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  • I have been having this injection, the consultant warned me that my symptoms can become worse before they get better which mine did, after 2 weeks of having the injection I started to feel better less pain more energy I felt like u I have had 3 injection now but they said that it's not a long term treatment and only til the hydroxychloroquine starts to work which can take 3 months, glad it is working for u hope it continues this way x

  • Thanks for your reply, it obviously affects people differently, does it depend on what steroid it is that is being give, I'm not sure which one I've been given.

  • Hi

    Yes I have! It's like it's happening before your eyes. But from my experience the first is always the best 😊

  • Hi tonysgirl, thanks for your reply, like a lot of things hey. Shame I was hoping for a miracle haha πŸ˜‚

  • All the steroid injections I have had seem to kick in by the next morning. Stiffness gone and inflammation/pain..

    They really do give you a break from the symptoms.

    Enjoy it while it lasts


    I have never felt bruised or sore at the injection site.

  • Hi Smithfield thanks for your reply, I will and am determined to enjoy it, mannnnnn it's like being given a new lease of life....the dr did say it might feel a bit bruised because of it being given in the leg muscle though, I didn't feel it for the first night just yesterday it felt bruised. It's still a bit sore but I can breath so the good far outweighs the bad for once. You should see the smile on my face it's not gone yet lol.

  • Mine is normally in the bum so that probably makes a difference.

    I know exactly what you mean about a new lease of life, i get excited before a steroid injection, how sad is that!!

  • Maybe we can jump up and down together hey, it is exciting, let's hope I can have another one in a couple of months. Nothing sad about it at all I completely understand. πŸ˜‚

  • Interested in the responses to this. Due to chronic gastritis oral Pred upsets me a lot so I have been on injections for about three years now. I get them every ten weeks now.

    The first was definitely the best and I do get much worse initially for the first week or so then start slowly improving.I never get pain or bruising at the injection site.

    Hope it helps you a lot.

  • Hi cuttysark, thanks for your reply, does it depend where the injection site is? Seems like there are a lot of first time is best......😳

  • The first was the best for me too, although they're still helping a lot. I really know when I'm due for another one. Hope you get some much needed relief from it xx

  • Hi happykins I certainly have relief that's for sure....why is it always the first is best lol...

  • So glad you are feeling better I prefer steroid injection due to the immediate effect just monitor how long it lasts for you did your rheumatologist say you could have further treatment I had 3 injections over 9 months can't remember the dose though and felt much better I have SLE. I haven't had any for a year but beginning to have same symptoms now ? Summer months. X

  • Hi Gaynormaria, thanks for your reply, the rheumatologist did say for me to monitor how it affects me because it will determine my path of treatment in the future. I'm hoping it lasts long time.....hope you get some more relief.

  • I had a couple in my spine a few years ago & had exactly the same reaction. Great isn't it???

  • Hi HazelW thanks for your reply, absolutely great and any good word to put with it, the fact that it's been so bad and having this has made me realise how very very bad things were it's like getting life back again. I'm not so naive to think that this will last forever but hopeful that something can be done to keep things at bay a bit more, this steroid injection was to determine the next step in my treatment. 😊

  • Hi Michelle

    I have to add to the comments.... I have had two steroid injections. I was trying to explain to the rheumatologist what the first one felt like, I said it was like having my life back and I burst into tears in the middle of my explanation. It was such an improvement I forgot that I had Lupus. Then it wears off. Second one has helped but it seemed to wear off quicker. I did have bruising around the injection site the first time but not the second time. My rheumatologist has said no more than 3 a year.... Apparently to echo what someone else said, it determines a possible treatment plan. Enjoy it! Don't rush through doing everything because you can, just enjoy a break from πŸ˜·πŸ€’πŸ˜΄πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ€’πŸ˜΄πŸ˜·πŸ€•πŸ˜©πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ˜³

  • My experience was similar. and I was told no more than 3 per year. My injections were in one forefoot metatarsal joint treating supposedly CRPS inc bursitis complicated by simultaneous RP&EM secondary to infant onset SLE πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco

  • Hi Coco,

    That is correct for steroid injections into a joint, I've had them in my spine and my wrists, the intramuscular injections can be given more over 3 monthly in my case.

  • Ah ha: so interesting! Thanks πŸ€—πŸ˜˜

  • Thanks for your comment, I totally understand your response in crying about the relief it's wonderful... I'm enjoying the relief definitely ...

  • Hi Michelle, yes I have long acting steroid injections. Ask to have it in your bottom next time, it bruises less.

    When I had the first one, it was amazing felt could have skipped back to work and done a double shift! It's never been quite like that since sadly. It's a bit cruel really, you get a glimpse of how things could be.

    I find now that it's like have new batteries, have one about every 3 months at the moment.

    One side effect is that I get very little sleep in the first few days following an injection.

    I Hoe it continues to help you.☺

  • I love this site, it's great getting other people's reactions and comments, it really helps. Having had Lupus for 21 years i've always just kind of got on with it, thinking i'm stuck with it and that's it bit this site has shown me I don't have to just put up with it. I have only recently started having steroid injections (I HATE taking oral steroids with a passion!) and like you I find I don't sleep for the fit's few nights but the effect it has on me is wonderful. It doesn't last as long now though as the first one πŸ˜• but the effect us still fab. Thank you for your input, it's been so much help and made me realise I can't keep burying my head in the sand. Xxx

  • It's easy to feel that you are the only one suffering. People look at you and don't see what you are feeling.

    They ask how you are, and then you watch their eyes glaze over when you tell them.

    Here people understand and accept you, they know that if you say that you are in pain, you are having a pretty bad day.

    They know because they have been there.

    Never just put up with it. ☺

  • I'm lucky that i've got some amazing friends but I know what you mean about the glazed look!!! Xxx

  • Michelle4267 I've had 2 of these injections my last one was about 2 months ago and I'm still pain free. I had mine at the top of my bum which really stings but so worth it. Njoy it becos as uve said it's like a new lease of life. Just wish there was a magic injection to bring my thinning hair back to life😒

  • Sorry to hear about the thinning hair and also wish there was a magic cure for you, apart from feeling so incredibly tired and sleeping tons my body feels thinner and not so puffy, I can almost say I'm human haha. Thanks for your response and long may it continue the relief for you.

  • I had a steroid injection 2 days ago & found relief from joint pain & swelling had dramatically reduced by the nxt morning. Interestingly, this morning I've woke with a sore throat & inflamed skin on my face. So while the steroid injection has helped my joints it's not stopped me having a flare. And I agree with others in the 1st injection seems to be the best in relieving symptoms & lasts the longest.

  • It's the steroids. I have peripheral neuropathy. I have received intravenous steroids (dexamethisone) and had near immediate relief and increased feeling in my legs. My neuropathy is caused by inflammation of my nerves by "inflammatory" cells.

    Be careful to monitor any adverse side effects too. In my case, I happen to be in the 1-3% of people who have psychotic breaks due to potent steroids. Be careful. If you have euphoria-like feelings, call your doctor immediately. It could be the beginning of a steroid-induced, manic depressive episode.

  • Thanks for the advice much appreciated.

  • Hi I usually get in my neck at base of skull or shoulders. Sometimes knees. The knees don't usually help but the neck helps headaches right away but feels bruised for several days the ones right below my shoulders help right away and the swelling goes down.

  • Thanks so much for your reply it really helps to knowing not in my head.

  • Hello. Great to read such a positive post! And I'm pleased you have found relief in the steroid injection. I had one a few weeks ago, straight into my left hip, as my GP had diagnosed bursitis. (I had had a rheumy appt a week or so before and explained the pain I was in but she booked me for an MRI and said nothing to me worth noting. No advice and no pain relief. I was very upset with the outcome of the appt.) Anyway, saw GP, he was really pro-active. I can give you a steroid injection here and now. Straight into the most tender spot. 48 hours later I felt like a new person. No bilateral hip pain, lower back pain and no shooting pains down my legs, no discomfort when sitting, no discomfort when standing, I could lie on it and I could sleep! Hurray. I didn't even need the codeine the GP prescribed me. I only hope that the pain doesn't return. I hear you can have these jabs 3 or 4 times a year at most. But we'll cross that bridge if and when we need to.

  • It is steroid however your only allowed three a year.

  • Hi again,

    As I said earlier I get them every ten weeks but if it is into a joint it must be only three times a year.

    Also it depends on the size of the intramuscular injection ,which is the type I have. They come in doses of 40 mg and 80 mg and 120mg. I have 80 mg at a time and that is why I am allowed them every ten weeks. If you had the top dose level it would be at the most every three to four months months. I think you are allowed a top level of about 420Mg a year intramuscular. That is the top level for safety.

    I used to find the injections worked a lot longer but I have been having them for three years now. I reckon I get six good weeks out of them but sometimes they seem to take as long a two weeks to kick in.

    I have a friend who is on oral steroids and she gets one booster injection a year before her annual holiday which helps her a lot.

  • Hey there, I can't even tell you exactly what she used or how much I just know the affect was almost immediate, I have fingers instead of sausages, and feet instead of tree stumps, my arms and legs and face are slimmer, I just didn't realise how much swelling there was in my body and dare I say it, it has also settled my bowel. I'm just grateful but wish there was a more permanent cure for us all. Thanks for your response x

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