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Steroid injection and face flush (wolf face🙄)

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I had a shoulder steroid injection on Wednesday and later that day noticed a lupus flush/not quite ‘rash’ across my face and nose. The wolf look. Still there but softer 3 days later. Has anyone else had this happen?

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it happens me every time unfortunately, it is a side effect ot steroids . I have found it can last up to two weeks . I hope it really helps your shoulder,I got great benefit 🌸

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SH55 in reply to weathervane

Thanks. That is interesting.

I did when they thought it was ms I had a steroid drip and my face went bright red across my cheeks and nose also made my heart beat on and my blood pressure drop I was taken around to have my heart monitored but it was okay Felt awful for days after xx

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SH55 in reply to Buckley123

Hmmm. Bad luck isn’t it. And I’ve got to have the other shoulder done in 2 weeks. Oh well on we go😊

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Buckley123 in reply to SH55

Good luck xxx

I had exactly the same thing happen to me within a few hours of having a steroid injection into a thumb joint! I woke up the next morning looking like I had sunburn (or acute embarrassment, as pointed out by my husband) - not possible in a wet November in England! I told the Doctor the next time I went for an injection as I was a bit concerned about adverse reactions but he wasn't in the least bit concerned. I went on to have several more steroid injections with no further red face at all. Hope this helps to ease your perfectly natural concerns.

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Thanks - I'll just be red faced and unconcerned - hehe.

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