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What are my chances for having lupus ?

I am 35 I have arthritis in both hips and the bones of my hips are rough, as well as my legs hurt more at night but also though out the days, and from the waste down is cold and up is warm, I pee like 3 to 4 times an hour some times more and my fingers and toes feel swelling how ever more like warm.. I know when I see my doctor and talk to him he will look at me as if I'm crazy as he did when I told him 3 yes ago that I think I had arthritis in my hips he never did check me till DEC 2016 for that and I was right .. I also have skin cancer on my face ....

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Sorry to hear you have so much going on. I think I replied to your post on left side breast/rib pain yesterday? I presumed you had a lupus diagnosis or were heading down that route already. Sorry I misunderstood. Have you had tests done for autoimmune conditions? I have osteoarthritis in my hips. Diagnosed in 2012/2013. I had a hip arthroscopy on the left side in April 2013 in order to shave lesions/bone spurs from the ball socket, repair the tear on my hip lining and pop it back in. I have the same issue on my right hip, but fingers crossed am symptom free on that side. I have hip pain every single day. I have been told I will need both hips replaced before my time. I'm hoping I can delay it as long as possible. I'm 42 now, by the way. 38 when I had my hip operation. I was then diagnosed with lupus in November 2013, (SCLE) following some positive blood tests and a year long flare, including numerous symptoms and the butterfly facial rash. Would you mind giving us a bit more information about why you think you might have lupus? What doctors you see? Any blood tests done? Any meds you take? It might help us give you more specific advice. Wendy


Thank you so much for your help. I see my doctor Monday ... I had my shoulder rebuild in 2014 .. However what is it like to have your hip shaved ... And I do wish you the best of luck with your health ....


OK as much as I know of my self ...

2010 gfr level 80

2016 gfr level 89. That is kidneys test

Arthritis and rough bone in both hips

Pain around Brest mostly right

Always tired

High blood pressure like 158/104 over 5 years and just got meds for that in DEC.2016

Bad eyes

Itchy always

I'm a bleeder

I have epilepsy

Blood in stool

Sometimes no stool and just blood.

Pelvic pain before and after and when having sex ...

However I have told my doctor this but he never dose anything tell its to late and in Ontario Canada you can not get another doctor so you have to hope they listen and act like they care for that 15 minute visit as they should .... I just like to say thank you all for helping me ... Happy st Patrick's day all.


Thanks for getting back to us. Those tests are not to check for auto-immune illness or lupus. And it's hard to tell from your symptoms. Are you able to book a longer appointment and set out your symptoms like you have here? Our system means I can get an emergency appt that day for 10 mins or I can book an advanced appt of 30mins with a GP of my choice. I have one on 27th march, I'll have waited 5 weeks for it, but I get to see my favourite GP to discuss a few of my lupus issues. Anyway, in the meantime look at Lupus UK website, lots of information about lupus and see if any if it rings a bell. But I cannot say for sure on your symptoms above. Best wishes.


And please follow PMRPro and Paul's advice. Don't leave this. Get a doctor who listens to you.


Well it was a key hole procedure done through 3 cuts and these healed very well. The recovery was 6 weeks off work and no driving. The pain was bad and I had to stay in bed for 2/3 weeks. Because they dislocate the leg to perform the operation the muscles and tendons are stretched to their absolute limit and need the 6 weeks to recover. Plus there is a fibrous tissue that covers the hip socket and thus was damaged, so needs 6 weeks to regrow to protect ball. But it was worth it, before op I could barely walk and wanted to scream with the pain. 4 years on I'm glad I did it. Dreading having replacements!


I think you need to talk to your doctor about the frequency of urination and the temperature difference between upper and lower body. Both could suggest a spinal problem and it needs investigating. If he doesn't react to those symptoms - find another doctor.


Hi Brandy81,

I would follow PMRpro's advice and seek further investigations for your symptoms or change doctor if they do not arrange this. If you need any tips on preparing for a medical appointment, have a look at our blog article here -

We couldn't say whether you may have lupus or not, but your symptoms should be investigated further. If you would like more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, we have a free pack which you can request or download at


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