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Eklira Genuair

Eklira Genuair

I've just changed from spiriva to Eklira Genuair. I had read up a lot on it and I asked my copd nurse if I could give it a try. I can feel the benefits in a week of using it. Many people complained about he taste, but, if your desperate you don't care about the taste if it's doing a good job. Anyone out there that can't bear the taste of it, clear your mind of the taste and grainy feel in your mouth after taking it. It is wonderful. And clears the tubes straight away. Please persevere.and you might be like me and really benefit from it. Thank you all for reading this. Suzanne.

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Here I am again. I forgot to add Eklira tastes horrid but it only lasts a few minutes, but, you get the benefit for 12 hours. Jaffacakes gets rid of the taste in minutes . Please give it a try. Hope you like my little dogs. I love them to bits. I also have a tiny little blonde chiuhauha. Couldn't get her to pose. Lol.xxxxxxx


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