B##ing session

A few of my colleagues have the flu

Coughing around the office and complaining about their aches and pains, how tired they are bah!

Hello I feel how you feel every day!

Constant joint pains, muscle pains, fatigue and that’s not the half of it!

Do you see me complaining?

This time next week you will be cack to your normal healthy self

Please don’t expect any sympathy from me

Either shut up an do your work or go home

In fact just go home I can’t afford to catch your germs


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13 Replies

  • ((Well said! )) whatshernameagain!! :-) I get fed up too. Just because some ignorant person sneezed on me couple of weeks ago,no tissue in hand and no manners. i ve been really poorly with this head flu and problems with my asthma because of it and to still cope with the illness on a daily basis. People who do not have an illness do not understand how we feel on a daily basis and we have to just get on with it every day despite feeling rubbish. I too am hearing their ailments of a cold blaa blaa.

  • I agree about the rude people who sniff their noses constantly and wipe with their sleeve, not tissue. We've just had some windows replaced and this guy kept sneezing and sniffing all week he has been here, up and down our whole house, his hands full of germs touching everything. I've tried to clean after him each evening but I think my system has finally caught the bug, I feel dreadful today with chest pain and not being able to breathe properly and sore throat. Can't believe how selfish some people can be.

  • Well said. I also get fed up with people saying "oh yes I get that too", when I explain some of my symptons. I've started suggesting they get their antibodies checked if they feel as bad as I do.

  • Well I am not the only one then who gets furious with thoughtless people. I was in the que

    at Morrison's and this man at the back of me was coughing then he sneezed and I got the 'spray' all over my neck. I glared at him and said "Well thanks for that wash, I could now end up in bed for months with plureacy -( can't spell it!) Why don't you learn some manners and use a tissue" His face was priceless and beetroot red, he said sorry and some ladies in the line started clapping. I then felt sorry for him and told him to look up Lupus on his computer, hope he did. xx

  • Hi Hazel, I can just imagine you saying this. I too try not to breathe in too many germs when I'm out in shops and people have the sneezes....If I have to go through an area where someone has been sneezing I take a wide berth so I'm not having to breathe it all in. See you Saturday at the group if you are going Hazel x

  • I am happy so many people agree with me because I was starting to think I was a bit too much lol

  • I don't get colds or flu with lupus at all. I wondered why for several yaers I never caught a cold. lupus means your body kills everything good and bad

  • Actually, that's not strictly true, the immune system is so focused on fighting body's own cells that its 'soldiers' that are supposed to fight outside intruders are depleted, which is why we are more prone to infections, etc. Maybe you've just built good resistance to the cold virus.

  • well how come i am sitting here full of the cold sore throat the lot.

  • I work in a shop and its amazing to see people cough and sneeze without putting their hands over their mouths or into a hankey, and the small children who have "candles" running from their noses into their mouths, ewww! I always had (and still do)carry a pocket full of tissues just incase. and my mini bottle of hand sanitiser too! x

  • When people ask me what Lupus is like I tell them to think about what it is like when they have flu, aching, sore, tired, feeling awful, going hot and cold, and then tell them to imagine feeling like that every single day with out end, and they start to understand what it is like.

  • I have not had a cold for years. I do get the flu type achy. sore, tired feeling and the rapid heating menopause sweats. but no colds for a long time. years no cold. i am stopping the hydroxyl cant stand it so will see what happens.but even before i had diagnosis no flu/cold odd

  • Having my first ever flu jab monday, although i have been unwell for years i only got diagnosed with lupus after my embolism on my lung in march but hopefully the jab will help protectme from the little blighters.

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