Can you find love with lupus I'm not sure :(

I've had a taste of love after a long break and I want to have more! But the pain of it finishing and the stress it's caused has kicked my lupus off and made me feel at rock bottom! In 8 years I've been in 3 relationships only lasting a few months each! I want to love someone and be loved! Feeling lost at the moment and wondering where to turn! Thank you everyone who's helped so far xxxxxx

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  • Hi Emmalouise, I quite like the old saying my grandmother used to say which was "What's for you will not go by you". I think there are many people on here who would not have coped without their partners. It may not be what we thought we were signing up for but I believe that love can overcome lupus for sure. I'm not even being a hopeless romantic. I do think that lupus certainly brings some limitations but you are still you. Mr or Mrs Right will not be put off by lupus and will perhaps even want to know more about the condition. I think your other 3 relationships will have been for a reason and what they tell you now is what you are now looking for in a partner. I'm a great believer that people come in and out of your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and they all have some kind of purpose even though we may not realise it at the time.

    You will probably have lost your confidence firstly because of the lupus and then the relationship ending. This does not mean there is anything wrong with YOU - it just means that relationship may not have been right. If people are put off by a condition early on then I don't know if this bodes well for the future anyway. The right person will want to stay in your life and support you because they love you for who you are.

    Hang on in there Emma Louise as just when we least expect it things can change for the better. Sending you a hug and would love to hear how things go xx

  • I hope I do find someone I'm feeling very lonely at the moment! I thought I met mr right he wanted to be there and do everything right for me then his family tore us apart! Im finding hard to get over! But I want to love :) I will let you know

    Take care



  • Of course you will, just don't go desperate, it will come when you least expected, you watch.

  • Very well said, mstr, lovely.

  • You will prob find its not your illness more the fact at be they didn't like you please don't take that the wrong way,,, lupus has never stopped e meeting men, when I have meet someone and as we are chatting and getting on so well I tell them about my illness I believe that you should be up front and straight with them that way they know all from the start, maybe I have been lucky in meeting the right peopel, it ain't always easy I know, and the illness can bring a lot of issues along the way, a good man or woman, will love you for who you are and, remember one thing your beautiful, inside and out and the right person will see that, hope you have luck soon Hun, keep ur chin up xx

  • Sometimes we just have to wait, paitence is a virtue and love is always around the corner, we all get down particularly when your unwell and life can be very lonely at times, but your illness would never get in the way of love - if it's meant to happen it will. My mum and I have had very bad health but our partners have not run away because of our illness and if someone loves you they will love your illness too, before I met my Mr Right I had 3 very long drawn out relationships each lasting a minimum of 7 years but fate happens. Don't beat yourself up - your allowed to be fed up, feel lonely and want love and affection it's human nature. Pour yourself a stiff drink, put some up-beat music on and smile cos love is on it's way. Be happy and positive, afterall life is for living xx

  • Hello mstr, you have hit the nail on the head and are 100% right! I like your philosophy x

  • Thank you, I also like the idea you said of the stiff drink too :) x

  • Thanks everyone taken it all on board :) xx

  • Love comes when you least expect it.if you go looking possibilities are you'll find ffool's gold so to happy in yourself,love yourself and love will find you x

  • That's lovely I'll remember that!! I'm very happy at the moment :) can't wait to see what is waiting for me :) xx

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