Well I'm back, I have the recipe.

1 Large Beetroot

1 Medium Carrot

1 Large Granny Smith Apple( red apples are fine to)

3 Lemons

Some Honey to sweeten.

Grate the Beet, Carrot and Apple.

Add the juice of the Lemons then sweeten to your liking with the honey.

Mix thoroughly and allow it to sit for 2 days, this way the lemon slightly cooks the vegies and its more pallet able. But if you can't wait, go ahead and eat it, it will taste quite earthy.

My mum has 2 Dessertspoons full every day, so do I.

If you don't like the taste you can have it on a cracker with cottage cheese, or with whatever you like.

So good luck everybody, please keep us informed as to how you go.

🍀Happy eating.

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What is this good for please ?


Yes, me, too - what is this recipe supposed to achieve specifically? It sounds healthy and, as I have all the ingredients to hand, I will try it today, irrespective! But will it put a curl in my hair or a skip in my step, or what?


It's good for Arthritis, it's an Anti Inflammatory, my mum has been taking it for a while now, she has an Auto Immune disease called Vasculitis, Drs are surprised how well she has kept, she is 76. It's also an Immune booster, so I decided to try it and didn't expect anything to happen really, but in a short time it has given me relief in my arms and hands I can now pull the bed sheets up over me now. Give it a try, can't hurt.

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Thanks, Razoo! I, like your mum, am 76 and a past fractured leg has left me with recurrent ulcers (on the scarring) and arthritis of that ankle. I find that protein powder has helped to heal the latest ulcers and will now try your recipe for further arthritic improvement. I am grateful and I will keep you posted.

Best wishes to you and your mum.



Thank you Jossikins, I hope it helps you to, we are all different in how our bodies react to things, so I hope it works great guns for you and anybody else who tries it. 🍀❤️


I love all the ingredients involved..Everything is really good for you.Beets are good for blood pressure too! :-D I am going to try this! Thanks for the recipe.I am in a flare now.


Good luck Starbright3x, I hope you have success. Take 2 tablespoons daily. Keep us updated.🍀


I will note this down now and try


Let me know how you go, Im extremely interested in knowing if it helps you like it has me. I havnt even been able to pull the sheets in bed up over me, but I can now, it feels great, plus not having to take prednisilone is a huge plus.



Looking forward to it.


Thank you for sharing, very kind of you.

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Ah, I do this with equal quantities of grated beetroot, sharp apple and pear, and don't bother with the honey as the beetroot is already sweet enough. I've never heard of it needing to sit; though, as all are delicious raw anyway. It's yummy!


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