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Post Motability Car Insurance


Having moved from DLA to PIP (standard rate for both living and mobility), I am losing my Motability car. I need a vehicle so I am going to lease a car for 3 years. My problem is insurance. RSA say that as a Motability customer I don't have a no claims bonus, so Insurance companies are giving me quotes for £1000-£2000. I've had a clean licence for nearly 30 years and I can't understand why I'm being penalised. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hi maurice1,

Are you not planning on appealing your decreased rate of the mobility component for PIP? Have you spoken with Citizens Advice to see if they can offer any help about your trouble with getting reasonable insurance?

maurice1 in reply to Paul_Howard

Hi Paul, I had intended appealing and the advisor from the council was quite certain that we would succeed but my heart condition has worsened and I just don't believe that I could take the stress again. I feel a bit of a cowardly custard for giving in but really can't face it.

My insurance problem is compounded by the fact that Notability told me to return the car on Feb 1st, which I did. I phoned them to let them know that I had just returned from dropping it off and they told me that DWP hadn't notified them of the change so could I please go straight back to the garage and collect the car (another £15 taxi fare) or I would be in breach of contract. Since then I have phoned Motability and DWP on a weekly basis. DWP say they have notified Notability who deny all knowledge of it!. I know that I should be grateful that I still have the car but one Insurance company has told me that they won't insure me whilst I still have the Motability car.

RSA have now told me that they will send me a letter outlining my driving history (9yrs no claims) but cautioned that some companies may not accept it.

I'm wondering whether or not to go to a broker, just to take the pressure of a little bit.

Sorry for the long post and thanks for your interest.

oscarbravo in reply to maurice1

Hi just spoke to my Insurance company Admiral they said ring them they'd be quite open to discussing it with the view of having been on motabilitiy etc 01246/362/402 as still would have to check things i said you have nine years as they said you'd get a letter confirming how long and claims yes/no etc which insurance companies go on anyway.

Brokers take a cut so premiums are higher as a third party!

maurice1 in reply to oscarbravo

Dear Oscar Bravo

Many thanks for your advice. I will give them a ring asap

oscarbravo in reply to maurice1

Just say one of your customers with a disability rang you to ask about it recommended Admiral as been with a long time.

give em some ole flannel as all any of them want is £££ but to be honest they have been ok with me i speak as i find.

If they come back with a high price or any for that matter ask is that for the whole street/fleet? as i only have one car!

Ive had them all said that to one they dropped price by around 25% odd! showed how much they was raking in

Insurance is the non casino Roulette wheel!

Oh no I'm really sorry to hear that this has happened to you, I think it is disgraceful that they've taken your car away, and that the Mobility insurance company won't give you no claims evidence! I had someone on my policy for years (not motobility) and when they went to get their own insurance, my company was lovely and gave them 3 years no claims bonus in writing, is there way you could write to the insurers and ask them for proof of no claims?

Something you could do, is to get some quotes adding another person to the policy as a named driver, this can significantly reduce the quote, preferably someone with a few years no claims themselves, the older, the better.

Good luck with everything, Claire

oscarbravo in reply to Claire133

Hi not too old though as can go against you now

I didn't realise that having another named driver would help! T h banks s o much Clare

Claire133 in reply to maurice1

Oh yes it can knock loads off if you put the right person on their, I know lots of people that have done it. All the best and hope you get a decent quote, ooh also my Dad, his girlfriend, and one of my friends all got their insurance with Tesco and reduced their insurance by a couple of hundred pounds because they had a clubcard linked so its worth trying them too. It didn't appear to work for me when I tried it but it could of been because I got a quote online, I'm not really sure but its worth a try combining my 2 ideas. Good luck 🙏

Well, it's done! I feel such a fool for making a fuss about this but since 2000 I've had a Motability car so not had to deal with insurance and prior to that, my late husband used to sort it all out. (Despite my user name, I'm female).

I spoke to Admiral and they were very helpful and reassuring and gave me confidence to get other quotes. Claire was quite right - adding another driver did reduce the cost. Who would have thought it!

I am so grateful for the help and support from Oscar, Claire and Paul. I'm now insured and I can start to look forward to my new car.

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