Insurance anyone?

I am intending to fly to America later this year and am looking for travel insurance. I have lupus nephritis, Raynaud's and Sjogren's. and am on low dose prednisolone , hydroxychloroquine and losartan. My condition is described atm by my consultant as 'stable disease.' Does anybody know where I can find a reasonable quote.? At the moment the quotes I have found are more than the air fare!


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  • Hi Neriah .

    I always use the same company - its the one who advertise on tv about the older folks at the swimming pool.with all their complaints,and the scuba diving.

    Not sure if I am allowed to mention the name on my reply so,if you havent guessed who it is yet send me a PM .

    I have used these people for a few years now and whether its because I am a regular customer that they give me good quotes I dont know.

    Hope you emjoy your trip..



  • how long are you going for?

    i want to spend the summer out there, but afraid with all my illnesses

  • Try Allclear insurance, that's what I used last year when we went to Italy, very reasonable.

  • You're a brave soul going to the U.S. after this very contentious election but for sure take out insurance but be aware as you have multiple problems (likely the reason for high premium). It still may cost you on your return or while in the U.S. with what's going on there right now.

  • Hi neriah

    Lupus UK have a list of travel insurers in News and Views Magazine. Try their website or email Paul Howard and his team for the list. Have a great trip. X

  • Misty14 took the words right out of my mouth! Lupus UK is the place to go.

  • Try insurance & go

    Californa has walk in clinics u have to pay though best think take all the Meds from here I used to live in California

    Good luck

  • I use them, we are going on a cruise in March, they paid out without a quibble when I got bronchitis on last year's cruise, and noro virus in Amsterdam. Hoping for more luck this time! 😁

  • M

  • Where are you planning to go to in America . One my dreams is to go to Los Angeles and see Santa Monica pier .

  • Hi Neriah,

    We have a list of travel insurance providers who have been recommended to us by people with lupus. You can find it on our website at

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