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Been insured through our Bank for years for our travel, have never declared that I have Lupus but the last year I have not been as good as in the past. Feel now that I want to let them know. Silly question but is my insurance going to go through the roof? I just feel that if something happens to me while on holiday then it could be very costly. Any advise on what to say to insurance????

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  • Hi Mary, I've always had travel insurance through my bank too but had to let them know this year about my sle. It's costing me £100 for a years cover which covers all medical bills, cancellation fees etc which I didn't think was too bad. I expected it be hundreds.

    Sharon x

  • Don't know where u are going on holiday BUT, if by any chance you are traveling to the US then skip it because you can not be denied emergency medical treatment at ANY hospital! I know this because I don't have any health insurance and I live in the US. Have a safe trip! And don't worry because stress will cause a flare up and our bodies have a strange way of "behaving" on holiday :D

  • I'm sorry, but I'd like to advise anybody from the UK not to take this advice.

    Whilst you cannot be denied emergency medical treatment, without health insurance or travel insurance (with health cover), you will be liable for the costs of any medical treatment whilst in the US.

    Travel insurance is certainly advisable as you would have to pay large amounts just to see a doctor for a consultation. If you were taken ill and needed to stay in hospital, the costs could be very large.

    In addition, without travel insurance, you wouldn't be covered to cancel your trip due to ill health before you leave.

    It is advisable, that if you have health problems, such as lupus, that you get a quote for travel insurance before booking the holiday. Especially to the US as some insurance companies may not cover you (depending on symptoms and severity).



  • *by "skip it" I meant -insurance... Sorry hit send before I proof read

  • Have just been looking on "" and they came up with some reasonable quotes.

  • Insurance wont necesserily go through the roof though mine has increased but that was because I had a CVA. You should let them know if there are any changes though I know feeling unwell is not specific. I would just say that make sure the insurance covers ALL members going on holiday unless they are prepared to go even if you cannot if you were ill. And take out the insurance as soon as you book your holiday. Do not wait until the fortnight before. Happy holidays.

  • For the last few years I've used essential travel,I get annual family cover at a basic cost of £65 (12 months Europe for 3 adults) and then pay an extra £62 for pre existing Lupus,Diabetes (on insulin), asthma, and high cholesterol. Very good value compared to some quotes. Premiums rocket if you smoke.

  • I've been looking into this recently, no where near as bad as I thought but prices vary far more with existing conditions than without from £160 down to £65 for a fortnight worldwide. If you're going to the USA I've found it much cheaper not to do it annually. Europes not so bad. I'd definately tell them though partly so you're covered for any lupus problems and also cos they can even reject unrelated claims like breaking your leg if you don't tell them and medical care in the USA could run into the tens of thousands.

  • Deffo get good cover if going to the USA. I had a severe migraine and went into A&E for treatment (IV Voltarol) and my jaw dropped at the bill.

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