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Hi everyone

I just wanted to know if anyone knows of any insurance companies that I might be able to approach for Life Insurance? I know it can be really hard getting life insurance with pre existing medical conditions, but would like insurance for piece of mind. Any replies would be appreciated. Hope you are all keeping well.

Lupie hugs

Esky x

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I don't know but I keep seeing things that, unless I'm mistaken, this condemned government expect everyone to have life insurance. ..


Try Met Life, or Colonial Penn. I don't believe either of those co ask many questions about health. I do know there is an age requirement. There's also this one that's has to do with just taking care of final costs, but that also might be Met Life.

Google life insurance and see what comes up.

I have that same situation.

Good luck Hun.



Hi Esky

It is hard to get Life Insurance specially if you take immunosuppressive medication. Lupus UK have a list of good insurers in News and Views or it might be on their website. Good LuckX


Hi, this year I got life insurance through work, calls Aflac. It just small policy because I never believed on it but after I diagnosed lupus last year. I'm sure they would not take me if they run cancer report cancer test on the first 30 days and not cover after a year. I live in America, i don't know if you have Aflac or AAA in UK. AAA sales life insurance without any medical questions ask if you're a member, but I didn't buy it. It just costly because life insurance ain't cheap, but it's an option.

Good lucks


Lupus UK posted details of an adviser who deals with lupus on their facebook page

Hopefully you can get in touch with that adviser who will be able to seek an insurer who can cover you. Having lupus doesn't necessarily exclude you from getting life cover; the insurer will take into account the severity of your condition, any complications, any other conditions you suffer from, the treatment you are on and how long you want covered for.


Thank u all for your replies xxx


Hi esky,

NLP Financial Management tell us that they have terms available & will donate 20% of their fee to LUPUS UK if a policy is taken out. It may be worth you contacting them? Email for info.


Thank you Paul. Will do x


I had the same problem with you last two months ago. What I did is, I look for a good listing of life insurance companies and I found this, accidents-happen website. I go over with their list and tried to review each of the life insurance companies listed in there, review them until I found what I'm looking for! You can try as well and I hope this helps!


hi just found out that Liverpool Victoria do medical conditions.


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