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My daughter sent me a link, but I couldnt open it.

Dont know if it will work, but it states that immune complexes play a key role in chronic inflammatory diseases. SLE was mentioned. If you can understand the scientific jargon. Its a small step to understanding what is going on. And a possible solution someday.

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  • I did some digging and found the article. We are not crazy, nor are we making our symptoms up. Hmm....Maybe print out and give to your doctors.

  • Doesn't work for me - is it this?


  • No. It didnt work for me either. I just went to apple news, and then scrolled down until I found something related to word for word, " Immune Complexes play a key role in...." Look for the article that starts with those words.

  • Not being an Apple person...

  • I tried to find the article in Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. Journal of immunology . It said it was a March issue. I am just happy to know someone is actually looking for the reason where this disease comes from, and not just treating symptoms.


    Here is another very interestIng medical article, if you can get past the medical jargon. Very interesting stuff. Again, dna, which is what I believed from the onset. Especially since my cousins and sister and my mom seemed to have inflammatory problems.

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