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Do we need Medical ID bracelets?

Hello all,

I hope you are having as good a week as you can?

I was wondering if anyone has bought a medical ID bracelet for Lupus? I currently take hydroxi, pred and aza and will be traveling in a few months with my friends but was wondering if I should get one incase they are not with me all the time and also as they are not aware of all my medication?

Does anyone have any advice?


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Hi Lil/Miss, my advice is yes I think we all should have a medical bracelet. I have one in the form of a neck chain, it lists my primary conditions, i.e. SLE/APS, and the important drugs, i.e. Cellcept, Plaquenil, Aspirin, my husband also decided to get one as he has to take Warfarin.

The company we used is well known, happy to PM you the details if you let me know.


Hey LupusKaren,

Thanks for replying. I've seen so many online and it clearly is a good idea.

That would be great for you to PM the details.

Thanks hun. x


As an aside - if you have an iPhone, there is a way to add all your pertinent details and your medications so, in an emergency, even if the medics can't access your phone via a code, they can access the emergency page - which lists first contact, doctor names, medication, and any other pertinent details you want to add. Of course not everyone has an iPhone but I bought one recently and I was impressed to find this feature included.

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That sounds very handy to have, unfortunately I have a Samsung, although I will check and see if there is something similar. Thanks for the information.



Apparently there is similar for androids and Samsung. I do encourage folks to look up some apps In this regard and get their info on their phones if they have one


Ooh silvergilt where is this emergency page please? I have an iphone5 and can't find it. Is it an iphone6 you have?


Mine is a refurb and it already have the app installed. I think if you search for it on iTunes you can find a similar one. They're not too expensive, some might even be free. I do really encourage people to do this if they have a phone, it's vital for spoonie folk.


Ah it's an app! Great! I'll have a look, thanks.


I can't wear neck chains or bracelets (metal including jewellery), but always have an SOS on my key ring which carry with me always (as my door key on it). I have allergies, inflammation and bad reactions to drugs, chemicals, Electro-sensitive, etc.- have not been diagnosed with lupus even though get the symmetrical rash on the face as well as all the other symptoms. I think it is more sensible to state what the symptoms are, so any medics know and hopefully, won't give me drugs I shouldn't have with my penicillin allergy, as they did in 2000 and nearly killed me making all the symptoms so much worse and debilitating.


Cann, that sounds terrible to have to go through all of that. As I speak to people who have medical conditions, I am inclined to go and get one as it just ensures that medics can give the right treatment for a condition they know about.


Yes, good idea to have one and carry a list of your symptoms and medications, allergies, etc. I have had mine for a long time and bought it locally for £10.

All the best.


Thanks. I will definitely invest in one.

Take care


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