Anyone else got turned down for esa

Bad outcome after face to face assessment, doesn't help that I haven't been diagnosed yet. Been off work 12months employers been great up to now. Even arranged for counselling so I can try to come to terms with the different person I have morphed into!! Don't get paid now but I'm still employed.

When they rang me to say I have been turned down for sea they said I can claim jobseekers. I asked how when I am still employed. Silence at other end of phone. Oh well you can appeal. I have now received 26 pages of info to wade through. May have to see a solicitor. Now having big flare up mouth full of ulcers, seen emergency gp who said looks like Sjorgrens. WOW am I getting somewhere? Pain intense, along with heartburn back on omeprazole but have to take gaviscon, or anything else I can lay my hands on. Just tried the igloo stuff...and nearly stuck my lips together! It's lasted about 4 hours. Going mad with painful eyelids and itchy. I'd frighten a police horse right now lol I'll end on a high note, just thought I would check for cancellations with rheum ,it's amazing what pain will make you do, and was over the moon when I was offered one for next Thursday. Someone must be watching over me at last. Another sleepless night. Thanks for listening,all advice gratefully received xx

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Hi lot tie

Sorry to read you got turned down for ESA. Please contact Citizens Advice who will help you with a appeal. It doesn't help that you haven't got a diagnosis but from your post it looks like that could change soon. Great that you got a cancellation to see your Rheumy. Good luck for the appointment, hope it goes well, keep us posted X


Sorry you denied the esa. In the UK I joined a disabilities group who provided detailed advice on that dreadful assessment. I have secondary Sjogrens which is equally resisted by esa medical staff. If you need details of the group I used just let me know.

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Hi, if you are still employed, and receiving sick pay from work. You are not entitled to claim ESA. You can apply for PIP to help you with mobility and care costs.

ESA is for people who don't work due to illness. They are 3 groups JSAor jobseekers. The Work Capability Group, for those who should be able too get back to work after a break due to illness. The last group is the support group, for those who are not capable of working ever.

Hope this helps, good luck


in response to the latter re. support group they are allowed to do permitted work and prepare to return to the workplace in their own time, then the claim will obviously change.


Thanks for your replies. I am still employed but with it being over 12 months they will not pay me any salary. I think they are trying to finish me on ill health but I haven't heard anything yet. Will keep you posted. As you rightly say doesn't help as yet not got definite diagnosis. Getting closer though thank goodness.


I had been on esa for 4 years after losing my job , just had it taken off me and told I am fit for work despite severe lupus with kidney disease, osteoporosis, on warfarin for blood clotting etc , all diagnosed and proof provided , going to appeal but that takes months meanwhile have to claim jobseekers allowance going to job centre every 2 weeks to sign on its a nightmare especially as noone is ever going to employ me with my health problems and aged 56 x


Hi Buffy14. I think the system has gone mad! I hope they sort it after your appeal. Posted my appeal letter, sorry I mean mandatory reconsideration. Its ridiculous we have this extra stress when trying to deal with all our disabilities.


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