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Facial sweating - any advise please?

I get a lot of facial sweating - no where else just my face! Even when it's cold I'm sweating! It happens if I'm make up free or with make up on - although the make up doesn't last long it simply melts off!

Spoke to my dermatologist about it but she said she can't help.

Any ideas gratefully received!

Hope you are all keeping pain free and happy :-)

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i have beeb aving same problem face neck and back of my head sweat dripping off my head and face i went 2 see my specialist and i asked him if was 2 do with my lupus he said no could that i could be on change i am 40 yrs old and not raily aving a pariod for last couple of wks so maybe worth u going 2 ur gp and ask as am not sure how old u are so could not be this xxxx


Hi I have the problem with this awful sweating my face drips I am ok as I dont wear make us a lot, but your dermatolagist can refer you to the British Red Cross camofladge people I saw them when I ahd my lupus rash and they will match the colour of your skin to a make up show you how to apply it once you have put the finishing powder on you can go swimming after 10 mins and it will not come off, I know it wont stop the sweating but it can help with keeping your make up on, hope this helps


i have this problem and i hate it . my neck and hair gets wet through i can get out of shower and my face is sweating before im even dry dont were makeup that often but mine just melts away to im 47 and not having periods for monthes on end so it could be that i wish someone would invent a facial deodrant id be first in the cue if u do find out something please let us know .your not alone with this x


Oh dear, I have been the same for the last 45 years, at forst 'they' said it was just my age, then it is Lupus and finally they said it was the medication. Oh it is soooo embarasing when

sweat literally runs down your face and back and your hair is just plastered to your head. I have taken to taking sheets of Kitchen rolls in my hand bag to soak it up. Any dark clothes I am wearing get a white sweat mark on them and makes it even worse. I do try to laugh it off saying 'senior moment' but inside I cringe. Someone somewhere should be able to help, my God I have had this so long they have landed on the moon(which I watched live) and now Mars and they can't stop my head sweating!!!


trya a face primer. benefit do some so ask to try it on instore and see how you get on with it. i find the help with the sweating and stop my make-up slipping off. i use it without makeup over my moisturiser and it helps. also laura geller does some i buy them on e-bay ai it is very expensive. mac do a primer and are bringing out some later on this year with tints etc. we have to try and look beautiful even though we may be feeling rough lol x


I had/have this problem, but I found it has got a lot better after I lost 2 stone (tesco diets online- other diets are available!). A combination of lack of exercise and the steriods meant that I had put on about 3 stone over 4 years. I would sweat in the middle of winter, with rivers of sweat going down my back and legs, the back of head would be sodden and it would be running off my forehead. The weight problem might not be an issue for you, but if you are overwieght losing some weight may help you- it definately helped me.



that happens to me too. I started using witch hazel on my skin before I put my makeup on and I also use a camaflouge makeup, but I bought an airbrush system for my makeup. It is waterproof so that even if i do get swaety, the makeup wont run and the air from the airbrush keeps me cool while applying the make up and helps it to dry fast so sweat doesnt smudge it before it fully dries. I do not believe the sweat is from weight though because a few years ago I lost almost 90 lbs and I am thinner now than I ever was and I did not sweat like this when I was overweight. My doc believes it is from the thyroid function, because even though I do not get my period regularly, the blood test confirms that I have not entered menopause yet.


I be not heard of airbrush make-up, could you please tell me where you get this from?


Thank you all for taking the time to reply. It's good to know I'm not the only one out there with this problem. I think my problem is with temp changes - I seem to get it when I go from cooler to hot and especially in the hot weather we have had.

I'm really interested to know more a out the airbrush make up. Also is the red cross help open to anyone? I only have the lupus rash when I get a flare but I suffer from a red nose and red chin all the time. If anyone knows any contact details for red cross I'd be grateful if you could post it on here.

My thanks again - I appreciate your replies :-)

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The skin camouflage service is available to anyone, but for a free appointment you generally need a referral from your GP.

It is no longer provided by Red Cross, but is now offered by the charity Changing Faces. Their website is or you can call them on 0845 4500 275


Thanks Paul, I'm going to look at the website now. :-)


I to get these hot flushes, and my rheumy did say that the night sweats were part of lupus, plus methatrexate can cause this. i take 2000mg daily of evening primrose oil, which both Dr & rheumy have both said is okuwith all the meds I.m taking, it hasn't stopped them completly but alot more livable with


I'd be interested to know if men get it as well as women....?.

It can be one of the "joys" of menopausal change, but also could be partly due to thyroid malfunction......just a theory, as so many of us seem to have this in common.


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