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Turned down for Mobility

I have been turned down twice (after appeal) for Mobility although I have the lower Living allowance as I burn myself often when cooking. Since then my pain as worsened, I have arthritis in my left foot which stops me doing much, can't always get shoes on even.

when I go for assessment my husband takes me, there is no parking space so you have to park in a side street. They can then watch how far you have walked to get to the building. My husband drops me off outside but then to get to the room where they hold the assessments you have to walk down a long corridor. In effect they have made up their mind once you get into that room. It doesn't matter how much pain you are in while you walk or how long it takes you, you get there and that's all that matters to them.

Then come to questions about how far you have to walk from your home to the car. We haven't a driveway and have to walk down our garden path so that's a black mark.

I don't know what to do next. I cant bear the thought of going through it all again but I know I have to as I feel so much worse. They never ask about how Lupus affects me just how far I can walk, I don't know what to do and feel so down.

Thanks for listening to my moan

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You may be able to walk, but what about the symptoms of the fatigue and the consequences of the walking to you. I am sure after you walk down the corridor you need to rest. Does this cause you chest pain, shortness of breath or perhaps make you dizzy? Yes we can walk, most of us, but after walking (and while) we have horrendeous fatigue and awful cognitive dysfunction as are our bodies are exhausted. These people really need to realize what it is like to have lupus, but as a lot of the time lupus is an unseen illness we just get ignored. I don't have any answers for you really, and my DLA is up for renewal so I will have the same problem but just wanted you to know that you are not alone!! (((Hugs))) Lupo x



You need to go to the CAB and ask them to appeal this for you... They are the best and sorting this kind of thing out.

Good luck - Adamine x


I'm really sorry to hear that and hope that after you speak to some one from CAB you can apply again succesfully. I have my assessment next week but I'm not getting my hopes up


Thanks for your reply and really good luck with yours next week I do hope it goes well for you, let us know won't you


hi plz persive, i did 3x tribuanls finally won this year since fighting feb 2010 im afraid cab were crap,i paid 28 pound and got all my hosp letters and records for the last 5 years and highlighted all the illness and then i emaile every piece off info (google) wikidpedia that i could find on lupus and all my meds as dont forget we suffer side effects from most meds, paul from lupus uk was more help than cab he has the letter formats that he will email to you on request, hun i know its hard im 44 year old loan parent with a 15 yr old with aspergus , i dont even remember wot i had for dinner and that was only a few hours ago, but what i do remember and know that if you dont fight for yourself nobody will these days , i for my sins worked at the unemployment office (as it was called then) 20 years ago and i asure you it wasnt like it is now, the government gave away too much money to the wrong ppl but now geniune ppl like us have to prove we are ill madness but truth im afraid hope i helped x


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