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Turned down for ESA please I need advice

I had a call this morning saying they aren't even going to pay my stamp now as from today. The woman said they looked at my claim and say yes I am unwell but as I have good days and bad days I can work on the good days. I told her how can I possibly know which days I'll be able to predict what days I will be ill when I can't even do that now.

Please advise me what I need to do next.

I've asked for a copy of the atos report

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What medication's are you on ?Did you list them all to them, you have to describe your worst day's and stress you never know from one day to the next, it beggar's belief - who would want to employ us, even if there were jobs out there we could manage to do , even on our good day's. It's as if we enjoy being ill!!! Try getting in touch with the CAB, they were a great help to me. The Government set up and fund the CAB to help people just like us - but then again due to Government cuts they are all understaffed now. One rule for the rich and one for the sick and poor. Don't give up - that's what they want you to do, keep fighting it's your right. Let me know what happens when you get in touch with CAB. :)


luupy sue - have you contacted the Welfare Rights people? Can you appeal? Do not give up you have to pursue this whatever way you can. The not paying your stamp has horrendous consequences for you further down the road so this decision has to be challenged. I do sometimes wonder what kind of heartless monsters are making these decisions.


You must appeal! I did and was successful and was put in the support group, it really is worth appealing sometimes I think they just go through the motions. Get as much support from your Rheumy, gp etc as your can and as the others say do list all your meds. It is ridiculous to think that we are able to do a job when we don't know how we will be feeling from one moment to another. Emphasise that. There are some on line guides which are very useful (you may have to pay a little for them). I used one via "Benefits and Work" I think which was very useful, have a look. Wishing you loads of luck and strength. Don't let the buggers get you down! Keep fighting!



Hi Luuppysue, I know its horrendous having to go through this, esepcially when you feel like crap all the time.

The thing these people dont understand is that we feel awfull all the time, having a good day does not mean we feel well, just that we feel a little better and even on those days we have to really pace ourself lest we go over our threshold and end up in bed for days and weeks. The reality of our life is that we cannot manage work, if we could we would be working. They dont get it and I suspect they never will, even though we keep telling them. So we have to engage in this prolonged stressful battle to get our entitlement. You need to appeal. Get supporting letters from your consultant, and gp if you see him/her often enough about your illness, supporting letters from anyone who helps you on a regular basis, like family members who often have first hand experience of how your illness impact on you on a daily basis and how you are affected when in a flare ect. Send all this info to the tribunal services before you get the date for your hearing. When you go to your tribunal make sure you detail every way in which lupus impacts on your daily life and living, dont leave anything out. Sometimes when we have lived with an illness for a while we adopt certain coping strategies and often overlook how we have adapted our lives to cope. Remember they are not just looking at the illness, but more so, how it impacts and impedes your normal day to day living.

hope this helps.


The system is a joke. I have been allowed esa so far but at a measley £22 a wee

. This is to keep my home and feed us. Like you i have more bad days than good days

And when i have to go for my face to face with the medical board i know it will be taken

Away from me because my son has moved in to help me. And we aree told not to get stressed not good !!! I really wish ppl would understand what we have to go through. Without the support of my loving family i would have give up a long time ago xx i really hope you get it sorted soon.


Thank you all for advice

I got CAB to fill in the forms with me they listed all the illnesses I have plus the med and how I have good days and bad I even included a diary. I was seen at Atos and took ill whilst there just with sitting for so long and stress I guess. I have rang and asked for a copy of the report they sent in and will make an appointment with cab next week when all paperwork comes in. I also put copies of all the letters from consultants in.

I think your right when you say they do this to cause stress and make you walk away . When the woman rang me on Thursday to say i wasn't getting ESA she said were not saying your not ill just that you have good and bad days so can work on the good days. I said your having a laugh how can I possibly know when I will have a good day in advance, plus a good day can turn bad at any point if I get stressed or over do stuff.

They should video our every move 24/7 for even just a week and they would see what we go through. But i guess even then they wouldn't believe it. My ex boss is going to write a letter of support and I've made an appointment for Monday with my Gp as my sick note is due in then.

Thank you all once again maybe 1 day they will understand and we won't have to do this. I hope anyone else who is going through same appeals as well, i 2years ago but this time I will.


Its not fair that people with illness like ours don't get any help and there are people with fake illnesses getting all the help.


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