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Proved by MRI I have osteo arthritis both hips knees other possible complications due to arthritis tennis elbow plantar faschiatis.

I have bulged discs bottom of my spine proved by MRI which surgeon refused operation on even though from time to time when sciatic nerve traps am totally incapacited as a result.

I have high blood pressure and under active thyroid conditions controlled by medications.

I take maximum dose of tramadol and Gabapentin for pain and sleep.

As a result of all the above and other life events I have now been diagnosed with anxiety and and depression for which I also take regular medication.

I have a long history stretching back to at least 2003 with lots of supporting documentation BUT I do work full-time for a charity supporting vulnerable people with mental health issues.

Recent assessment with ATOS ORIGIN and attended by self which may have been a mistake as I feel the assessor has actually lied about what I am and am not capable of and has taken absolutely no account of periods of sick I have had to take from time to time over the last 10 years which may last up to 5 weeks where I am unable to speak to anyone feed self get out of bed just totally run down and depressed I guess.

Combination of all of the above I am in constant pain (pain relief ineffective) most of the time tired really difficult to bend down,which I evidenced in the assessment but the assessor just lied and said I could bend down without any difficulty. difficult in sleeping because I cannot lay on one side or the other.

I scored absolutely no points on the assessment and as result DWP have turned me down.

I sent a 3 page letter to the DWP to explain my difficulties particularly when things are at there worst. NO REVERSAL OF THEIR DECISION.

I am wondering whether to take to a tribunal please can anyone provide any assistance or advice as to what I should do and whether it is worth a go??

Best wishes


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My advice is 2-pronged Lu11 : (1) join benefitsandwork.co.uk/news?... (2) Don't even think about a Tribunal without a Occupational Therapy Report - you can either ask your consultant to refer you for an assessment or commission one privately. Hope this helps and good luck!


Lu, I urge you to look up and join the Benefits and Work site, they will have useful guides to help you with the appeal process. Be advised there are time limits before rejection and appeal, and if you have appealed already, and refused again, you may need specialist advice, such as CAB, DIAL.

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Hi LupusKaren

Thanks for taking time to respond.

Will do thanks.

Best wishes




I used the benefits and work site they are great. Also check with your local council and see if they have a 'welfare rights officer' who can guide and support you through the tribunal

Good luck


Hi Lu I applied for DLA have the same problems as you bulging discs and S1 joint problem, I also have COPD. It took them over a year to look at my claim which I think they lost and then just turned me down. I got this charity to fill in my new claim forms this time it was PIP this women came out to my home I was awarded PIP don't give up


Of course take it to a tribunal it could be reversed I assure you


It will be very stressful for you to appeal but,if you can,do.


If you think you can go through an appeal do but I am sure it will add to your stress.


You must go...take all the evidence you can.To assess someone in so basic a fashion is a travesty.Capacity should be determined solely by our docs and health records rather than the need to line the pockets of the government's pals ......Its disgraceful! Makes me so angry....what's next? Workhouses?


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