turned down for ESA after 37 years working

For the past 3years I have worked in a farmshop in the the kitchen making cakes and meals,it was very busy little place with only me in the kitchen. I became very tired and started dropping things and falling over so decided I was mo longer just a danger to myself but others as well, so Sept last I sadly gave up work I decided in Jan as I have no savings left to ask the local jobcentre what kind of work I should be looking for they signed me up for JSA which I was awarded,at the end of Jan they sent me to see the disability work advisor who took me off JSA after seeing a list of all my illnesses and what I can and can't do . Last week I heard Ive been turned down for ESA due to not paying enough contributions I was advised I could try and get ESA on our household income but if my husband is working over 16 hours I won't get that either. I am at a loss what to do next and who to turn to for advice. I feel what is the point in working and paying into the system all my life then when I need it most being let down.

Does anyone have any advice what to do next. Also can anyone tell me as I have a letter from the pensions dept saying I will be getting a full pension in 2024 do I need to pay more contributions or not. Any advice on type work I will beable to do would be gratefully accepted as well

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  • Hi there, DLA is not income based. Paul at Lupus UK can send you information on how to complete the forms if you need help or Citizens Advice Bureau can help with the form filling. Then if you are able to work you can still work and receive DLA too. Good luck.

  • thank you so much for your advice i shall go to my local office in the morning and get those forms, and also take your advice on getting them filled in.

  • DLA definitely, as Mstr said go to CAB and get them to help you, may be worth asking them too if there is anything else that you would be entitled too, they can do benefits checks to see if you are missing any benefits that may help. Always get help with the forms, whatever you apply for, as the person helping you will know how to phrase things, magic numbers etc. Hope you get sorted soon x

  • hi luupysue, i dont understand how they say we cannot get financial help, ive gone from working full time to 4hrs a week yet i dont qualify for anything. we are selling our belongings to pay bills.....worry worry worry x

  • i have just come back from our local dole office they have give me the DLA forms and tax credit forms and advised me to try claiming for both so we will see what happens now. I worked full time till last Se pt when i felt i could no longer carry on, i am willing to try my hand at any work but feel 3 hours a day is more than enough if they are able to find a job that's not stressful, 1 where i can move about as much as i need too, no lifting or carrying. So its a case of what can they advise is the right kind of job i can do. No doubt i will be turned down for DLA as well. I think its awful the way people are treat in this country who are genuinely ill, we shouldn't have to beg for help and certainly shouldn't have to be selling our belongings to pay bills or for food.

  • Hi I am waiting for a reply for my appeal for ESA if they turn me down I will be in the same boat as you, I have worked for 35yrs . Why did I work all them years and when I need support you don't get it I thought that was what benefits were for how wrong I was take care x

  • My Husband is in the same situation, has been kicked off of contribution based ESA and now appealing that they put him in the wrong group, as he is not capable of holding a job down because of SLE and R Arthritus, his SLE effects is heart and lungs. Citizen advice are working with us and willing to appeal if needs be.

  • it appears the whole benefits system is upside down you get it if your fit and able to work and don't if your ill and worked all your life GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL IF YOUR PUTTING IN FOR HELP OR APPEALING

  • Hi Luupysue, Ask CAB to help with filling in that DLA form, as if the form isn't filled in 'correctly' you would be turned down straight away. Good luck! xxx :)

  • thank you x

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