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Got my letter from pip today only 1 week after assessment . Got turned down . Only got 6 points . Apparently I can just use aids to prepare a meal , wash and dress . My mother is a person not an aid .

This was the outcome I had of 6 points last time when I applied and ended up going to appeal getting 13 points

So off to citizen advice i go to make an appointment so they can help be write in for my mandatory reconsideration. All I needed was2 points to revive the standard rate . If they would gave me the 4 points for preparing a simple meal I deserve I wouldn't be having this problem . They never make anything easy

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  • Good luck with your appeal.

  • Go for it ! x

  • Hi just spotted your post, I was following your appointment one.

    I'm sorry to hear this 😕 I don't understand the points thing, think I got turned down last time by 1 point! They didn't agree my husband doing my medication and supervision during and after physio had anything to do with monitoring a health condition... I'm fully expecting to have to fight, had my home visit this Thursday just gone x

  • I wish you luck . It's so annoying . They said I could do everything with aids . I had explained in my face to face that I brought aids and I couldn't use them . They are classing my mother as an aid then . She is not an aid she is assistance.

  • It's like going to trial isn't it 😳 There needs to be changes to how disabled are treated, it's not right to fight tooth and nail for essential help. Good luck x

  • Sorry loulamb, your having to appeal pip. Do hope you win thru in the end. Best of luck. X

  • This is exactly what happened last time . So hopefully when I do go to appeal the outcome will be like last time x

  • Don't they ever learn Lou lamb?. You shouldn't be having all this stress!. Hope your off on hols to Aunty soon and driving still going well. X

  • I arrived at my aunties yesterday and driving is still going fine thank you ! X

  • Have a lovely time and I hope citizens advice are helpful. Loulamb. X

  • Hi loulamb.

    Really sorry to hear about your pip assessment! I'm in the same situation at the moment.was awarded 4 points on each component!i read the report and was really upset at how they hadn't listened to a word I'd said!

    It's very stressful for people that are stuggling so much with their health! Did you submit a mandatory reconsideration letter first or was that rejected and you are now going to tribunal?

    My rheumy has written me a good supporting letter so just keeping everything crossed now!

    Best of luck!x

  • I am doing a letter for the mandatory when I come back from my aunties . I know they will turn that down so just mentally preparing myself from another tribunal

  • Do you know if your consultant had sent in evidence of your condition?i think it really helps our case.i have heard that sometimes only the bare minimum gets said when the dwp request any info as they don't ask for much and worse than that but it has been known that sometimes the dwp don't even bother requesting info from them!im sure you're probably well informed but to also try and get an advocate to help you with the mandatory letter too and appeal process.its such stress isn't it.x

  • I'm going to the citizen advice for the letter help . I sent a hospital letter in and my doctor wrote a little laying saying about my struggles with washing hair and preparing food

  • Gosh it makes you wonder what they want us to do.how much proof do they need!x

  • I know . I don't know how people manage to fiddle the system .

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