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Udate. Saga. Very short! Gastro apt

Hi gang

Well this consultant has had a personality transplant, but my hubby came in too??? Coincidence?

Right. Repeat of MRI nurse. Blown away

AIH. Liver hunky dory. Wants to reduce Aza. I pointed out drug of choice auto immune she is happy!

Gall stones. Can I have them removed? I am not a surgeon. Can I see one. Fine go via GP!!!! Twinges of pain this week. Since yesterday constant ache under rt boob bottom of ribs. Said had muffin MRI( manchest hosp) ( after which had gut rot and di di runs) greasy muffin could be cause.

Anaemia. Concerned. Had camera down recently so camera up. Politely, not bl.....dy likely! Ok CT scan. Told her not bleed. Had thru door bowel screen. Came back ok. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TESTED FOR COELIAC DISEASE.?????? No. Right ct of whole bowel!

Told whole story of stomach prob from feb pain, painkillers not follow up etc. No comment.

So summed up. Will get apt. I asked for results she said ok and that I was a perfect patient for monitoring everything. I told her it was often resented. Thanked her profusely. Apt to go over results

Came out to phlebotomists and read form. She had only added Amylase to list. Amylase? Check for pancreatitis which I had read all fitted my symptoms in Feb! But it was poo pooed. Nice one. We shall see.

So no fat. Anaemia sounds like poor diet (veggie cant eat pulses) ct, coeliacs, gall bladder BUT HER LITTLE BIT, MY LIVER OK.

Couldnt believe two such apt in one week.

Exausted. Really feeling the lack of steroids I finished one week ago, but hey, WHAT A WEEK GUYS,

Please dont reply. I really appreciate all your support and dont want to tie you to commenting if your spoons are low lol, but a LIKE tick below would be as good as all your kind and joyful responses this week. Thanks again

Such relief. Really happy. Again!

Lots of love


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Hi Footygirl, reads like you're going thru a frustrating time with your health & med pros, it's just a shame that when you really need some empathy & support, you're faced with the opposite. These days with the NHS seems we need to know our rights, do our own research & remind the pros of our entitlements (all when we're unwell). I've had to learn to let Lupus empower instead of enslave me. Stay focused! Stay positive! (Esp. As anything else has a negative impact on health). Be kind to yourself! Pls keep us posted. X


Thanks so much. I took cheer that the doc recognised my knowledge and appreciated it




Well done Footygirl, slowly but surely your getting badly needed answers!. Good luck for your ct scan. Keep scoring and posting updates. Fingers crossed for you. X




Yes, funny how the presence of a male partner concentrates some minds - it isn't unusual and if something I often recommend for people who have a doc with a personality problem...


⚽️🌟👍👍👍👍🍀😘🍀😘🍀😘 coco


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