PS To my saga re having a referral to Man Royal Infirmary to Lupus specialist?

So I told you I had my yearly apt with Rheumy who had never been that interested over the 13yrs in my Lupus. Her nose was out of joint so told me to choose Manchester or her? If I wanted to stay ring her secretary to make next years apt? Which I did some weeks later after much thought and no wish to burn bridges.

Tomorrow I have apt to see specialist Lupus nurse at Manchester to compare their care to present, (lack) except I do get four weekly blood tests which are so important, yeah?

Just checking, rang appointments, just to check apt was made for next year? Discharged. Yep. Discharged off her service.

FURIOUS. Told lovely intelligent apt clerk the tale, her response, go to Manchester! Ha! Anyway, on my behalf she rang secretary, again, and SHE said she would make the apt for next year. Hm. Why not then? She was speaking to appointments! I think she will re check and not do it, which reconfirms everything.

I think this confirms the low opinion I had of this rheumy whose only question, every year was, "any rashes?"

To think she has sent me out with no Rheumy cover! Unprofessional to say the least.

I don't doubt my lovely new GP has a report from Rheumy, begin of July saying she has dischaged me, but it hasn't come up. But bin me off with Lupus???

Anyway, I do hope the nurse tomorrow welcomes me to their full service with regular blood tests. My lovely hubby says he doesn't mind the two hour round trip once a month to do bloods. Bless him.

Now in the morning I have my regular blood test, here. I wonder if I will be turned away from the door? They are good girls, they may do this one for me, ooops sorry, we forgot! Need it for Gastro apt Friday.

So its not over... YET.

Will let you know how tomorrow goes guys.

Dont suppose I can slap a Lupus health warning on my ex Rheumy on here to warn others in St Helens to avoid her? Nah, thought not. Pity. Just my opinion you understand!!!

Hope you are all out of this hot sun tody



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  • What hot sun - peeing it down here in Edinburgh...

    How unfriendly - you're right, she should come with a health warning but I've met a couple of rheumies a bit like that. Perhaps it is part of their training at one medical schppl - because mercifully they aren't all like that. Better luck next time!

  • Thanks guru. Sorry about the rain. Id much rather be up there than here today.

    Hopefully the nurse tomorrow will be encouraging and all will be well.




  • GRRRRRRR 😠😠😠😠😠....HURRAH for you footy: you're in the driver's seat despite this stuff going on...we all know it happens 😏, but that's no excuse!

    Am wishing you every ounce of possible good luck with & your hubby are🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Already looking forward to your next update


    PS yep: am staying cool as poss indoors 😉

  • Hi Footygirl

    Yes I see this is enough to make your blood boil, I also think once a year is surely not enough to be seen?! I can see how very wearing this is, and a long wait to whoop some ass!! Keep up the fight, chin up and best asset forwards. I wish you a successful battle. It maybe that new door's will open out of this. Let's hope so. Xx

  • No way is a year okay with diagnosed Lupus surely! Glad you are kicking bottoms as a good footie lover. Fingers crossed that all works out better for you in Manchester now. X

  • Hi Footygirl

    Good luck for your nurse appointment. I think that the other hospital has done you a favour by discharging you as I agree that once a year is too long for an ongoing illness like lupus!. Also that Consultant will always think of you as the one who went elsewhere , they don't like it, so there would always be that barrier between you!.

    Looking forward to your update. Keep scoring. X

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