Pains lower right side

Well admitted to hospital Tues evenings  from gp had lower abdominal pain on right side& I looked 6 mnths pregnant  .I had ultrasound &ct scan it showed lower organs swollen bloods a infection .dr said he treat as infection start antibiotics by Fri still in pain bloods improving but dr doesn't think appendix as I'm not showing a lot of pain friend was there and told she doesn't show pain as she lives with pain everyday day so she not going be cry & screaming like the other patients. I think he left with tail between his legs .next morning he came back I'm sill in pain so he will put camera in & see .so Saturday had camera in & had my appendix removed .dr saw me sunday & told me my appendix was gangrene so had to come out he could believe I was not show so much pain he said he's learnt a valuable lesson about people with lupus & home now resting no pain in side just saw from operation cuts .

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  • You had a rough time but so happy that the doctor was willing to operate and your gangrenous appendix was taken out!

    That doctors don't believe we are in pain is a painful truth. It costs human lives. Happy it didn't take yours and at least one doctor learned from it.

  • You poor thing! Thank goodness they took it out, eventually. I hope you are making a good recovery. 

  • Gosh charmaine...what an ordeal: well done for standing up to your dr!  Thanks so much for telling us about this: your experiences are v instructional!  Am in the middle of my own pelvic/abdo going to try my best to be as assertive as you 

    Am wishing you all the vvvv best as you recover.  Take care, go gently...please let us know how you get on

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • Thanks good luck with your Dr's we have to fight x

  • Wishing you well. Keep on top of your recovery and don't take anything for granted. Well done, always stick to your guns and know your own body.

  • Thank you x

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