Have had to stop Methotrexate due high liver readings, any suggestions???

I have been on Methotrexate since Feb of this year, and gradually came of oral steroids,which I had stopped taking by June-had to have a steroid injection in August, as was still struggling a bit (although much better than I had previously been) I had built up Metho (as advised by Rhuemmy to 17.5mg weekly) but at Oct appt with Rhuemy was told to lower dose to 12.5mg, due to high liver readings, and also started taking Quinoric (400mg daily). Past week or so, I could feel myself flaring a little, and went to see Nurse, who took a blood test and told me to stop taking Metho completely,immediately-she gave me another steroid injection as she predicts that I could go into a major flare, as my inflammotory markers were also high (I can feel it starting already!!) Have to have a repeat blood test in 2 weeks and then we are going to take it from there (am still on the Quinoric 400mg daily)...Any advice or suggestions??? Is there a good alternative to Methotrexate that is not so harsh on the liver??? (I am Tee-Total, by the way...so it is not alcohol that has caused the rise in liver reading) Feeling a bit low, as felt had finally got meds sorted, and was (almost) leading a 'normal' life (still a bit of pain, but bearable with over the counter inflammatories) Feel we are now back to the drawing board, so to speak!!

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  • Mycophenolate mofetil is a good alternative.

  • MMF (see above) is by far the best alternative, in my view.

  • Mycophenolate worked for me. Hope you get sorted soon.

  • I feel for you barn, as I have been through similar situation with other meds. Liver probs are a known pos side effect of metha. One of the reasons why they do regular blood tests is so they can catch it early.

    Mycophenolate has worked amazingly well for a friend of mine with severe SLE. Azathioprine is another possibility.

    So fear not, there are other things out there your rheumy can try. There is often an element of trail & error involved in getting the right meds to suit each individual.

    Best wishes. X

  • Thank you all for your replies.....this is such a great site! I am now really flaring and had to come home early from work, and fell straight to sleep (at lunch-time!!) But at least I do now have faith in my Rhuemy and Nurse, and know they may listen if I mention the above (Myconphenolate) Thanks again for responding-Julie :-)

  • My husband was taking Methotrexate but had a really bad experience serious liver and kidney pain, now he takes 5 x 500mg Mycophenolate tabs per day plus 1 x 5mg of steroids and finds this a better combination .

  • I feel for you and hope it gets sorted soon. Being on methotrexate at 20mg weekly myself I know its important to keep an eye on your liver reading. Thank goodness for all the people on here who are ahead of us in terms of their treatment and can advise. Hugs to you and hope the flare up subsides so soon x

  • Thank you...I am feeling so, so down today! Pain has really flared up, and stopped me doing things....was meant to be going up to Harrods with my daughter and grandson to see Santa, and just had to miss it because I could not face the rushing and crowds. I have phoned work and told them that I will not be in for my shifts this week,should be starting tomorrow and that went down like a lead balloon!!! Shit!! I hate feeling like this-and I know that some of it is due to depression, and other people just not understanding, am just sitting on the sofa vegging, and then feel a bit better-get up to do something-and then I am just knocked back, exhausted again. Thank you for your hugs, they are much needed today!!x

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