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What a kerfuffle to get an mri scan!!

Ok, This is an on-going problem with me suffering severe back pain, severely reduced mobility and a rheumatologist who doesn't seem interested! I phoned said consultant's secretary two weeks ago and asked if I could please be seen a.s.a.p. because of the severe problems I'm having. She said she would email him and get back to me which she did a week later. The consultant told her to tell me to ask my G.P to arrange an mri scan on my lower back. I duly went to G.P, with whom I have a good relationship, and he was just amazed that the consultant had sent HIS patient, who is on HIS list, to a G.P to ask for an mri scan. G.p said he will gladly order the scan but the consultant must email him first with details. I then phoned consultants secretary again and told her what g.p had said. She just phoned me today and said that anyone can order an MRI and just ask my g.p again, or any back specialist! I said that my G.P s happy to order an MRI scan but he wants a fax from the consultant so she's going to get back to me. All the while I'm still suffering and no nearer getting any treatment. Physio refuses to touch me because of the pain. Am I missing something here because I am my consultants patient so why won't he see me. Very confused and a bit Pi**ed off to be honest.

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OMG! It's no wonder people lose patience with the NHS - why can't people join up the dots, or would they like us all to do their admin for them?!?

It would appear you are the conduit between these two professionals and it would be so much easier if you and the medical secretary were removed from the liaison and the consultant simply spoke to the GP, call me stupid, but surely that is the answer.

All the best Lillyanne, I hope they sort things for you.



My thoughts exactly slomo. Just send the fax or phone my g.p and get things sorted!! It isn't rocket science is it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I work in the NHS and am very proud of it, but, and its a big but it fails so many people. like you both say its not rocket science to talk and discuss care, I thought it had been in the nhs doctrine as long as I have been nursing. saying that I have become peeved up by my care over the last year and am now going private, hopefully all will be sorted this Wednesday. so sorry but threaten em with a formal complaint, should get u somewhere.


Just an update on my situation. Consultants secretary phoned yesterday and said the rheumy has said that's its up to the g.p to make the decision as to whether or not I need the MRI (even though he was the one who suggested it in the first place) and that he cannot do anything about a bad back. He also suggested I ask my G.P to send me to a pain clinic. In other words, he doesn't want to know or can't be bothered about me or my suffering, and believe me, I'm suffering. Told the secretary that on Monday, I couldn't put my feet to the floor without serious pain, lert alone walk. Makes no difference apparently, my Rheumy can't do anything for a bad back. I'm annoyed beyond belief but also very depressed because of the pain and the loss of my ability to walk properly. I just don't know what else to do. If the rheumy cant help then who can? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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