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Are there any of you having stomach problems with lupus one of the GP doctors I saw last year told me to ask rheumatologist could lupus be affecting my stomach never did get an answer been for sigmoidoscopy twice and endoscopy once they say everything looks normal every 10 days or so if I am lucky to go that long I have bouts of stomach pain & diarrhea totally exhausted going to make appointment with GP but not holding out much hope

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  • Yes on left a hand side like you colon grumbling ring any bells can be angsiety

  • Yes it can be like that gurgling noise is ridiculous but pain seems to end up all over my stomach eventually

  • Unfortunately lupus doesn't mind which part of the body it picks on. Lupus uk have some really useful leaflets. I have pains in my stomach area, tests haven't shown anything except my pancreas could be the cause.

  • Its very frustrating not knowing whats going on managed to get an appointment with my doctor today which is unheard of but also got a letter from hospital this morning (I thought they had forgotten about me)to make a follow up appointment from when I was last in for sigmoidoscopy and endoscopy although I got a letter saying everything was normal so will see what he has to say in August still going to see doc today as well heres hoping!! I will find those leaflets thanks Chris

  • I thankfully don't have stomach pain but I do suffer with diarrhea sometimes becoming almost incontinent. What does the doc's lupus!

  • I know does he offer you any help with it

    I also feel as though I have a temperature and feel physically weak and exhausted

  • Check to see if you have IBS

  • I think that is what they will say it is if they don't find anything else. My stomach problem is accompanied by lupus rash as well as other symptoms but only seems obvious to me GP says today see what hospital has to say in August in the meantime treat symptoms

  • Have you been tested for Coeliac disease? I have both SLE and Coeliac disease. Be sure you have been eating gluten before you do the blood tests.

  • Hi no I haven't does GP do that or will specialist I am willing to do whatever it takes now to get the right help and also to know what it is

  • The initial test is just a blood test your GP can order. It measures the level of anti-TTG antiboday in your blood. For this to be accurate, you have to not be avoiding gluten. If that is positive, they will refer you to a gastroenterologist for more tests and diagnosis.

    Here is some information from Coeliac UK

  • Thank you very much I will have a look at link


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