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Problems with my stomach all the time now

The problems I have with my stomach have been really getting me down it never go's away now I am sure it is what makes my fatigue worse. I fell bloated, gassy, a little burning loads of rumbling and night and always feel hungry not long after eating. anyone have any Ideas what I might take. I have tried heath salt and omeprazole but did not help.

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Have you strictly cut out gluten? MaryF


No not tried that yet because it doesn't get worse when I have food containing gluten, but will good down that root if I have to, trying some charcoal tablets tomorrow.


What are you eating?


Hi, I too have similar problems, and tried Acidophilus with Pectin (from Holland & Barrrtt) and also Centaurium. Both relieves bloating feeling and helps digestion.

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Look in the world food section of supermarkets for aloe vera drinks

They seem to have been useful for me


Im having same problem...They tested my blood all thats they are doing the smear tests....I hate the bloating its horrible...and gas gas gas...Good yougurt might help...I just keep up the water too...


It is better to eat fermented vegetables or home-made sourdough bread for beneficial bacteria, rather than yoghurt which causes insulin spikes and sets you up for further problems.


i love sour dough bread, but it bothers my stomach...


I'm sorry to read that; making your own means you can eliminate any additives as a cause, and you can change flours to see if that helps.

If the problem is gluten, gluten-free flour often presents other health hazards in that it is absorbed faster than table sugar, causing high insulin levels that narrow arteries for example.

What do you usually eat?


I had stomach trouble for many years and wind, oh my goodness I could power a wind farm, I finally was tested for coeliac and am now waiting to see a gastroenterologist. If it turns out I do have coeliac then I am hoping the change of diet will help. Also if you were to go down this route as gluten is in much more than just bread, you can get basic foods on prescription. And as I have free prescriptions due to an underactive thyroid this is a bonus. I put up with a bad stomach, bloating, pain etc for many years. Get checked out before you start eliminating foods. Good luck x


I had this for a long time and doctors weren't able to help me. I had to work it out for myself as I felt I was going down hill.

It wasn't just gluten, but all grains and all dairy, additives, preservatives and processed foods, in fact, and I saw several therapists with different types of testing to verify it - they didn't know each other, but all said the same thing.

The hospital did say I could go in on a drip at my worst, but I had other problems that I knew would be exacerbated by inactivity of being rigged up to a drip.

Activity helps my digestion, but it depends on the right time and it wouldn't be the same for all of us.

My gut has been bad again after doing two hundred miles on Thursday to see a doctor.

Last night I was up at 3.00am eating 3 bananas and 2 boiled eggs, then I went back to sleep and feel better today.

I have a strange diet compared to what I used to, but we are subjected to so much body stresses these days that the body needs so many more nutrients, I find.

I can't take probiotics, fermented foods, aloe vera or any of the suggested helpers. I tried them all.

GM foods seem to be causing a lot of problems with the gut from what I have read, so I try to get organic as much as possible and only eat when I am hungry i.e. not regular meals - that doesn't suit my gut - in other words, I eat to live, not live to eat, which by all the food adverts around and on TV would suggest we need to live to eat!

Another rule I stick to is 'if God didn't make it, I don't eat it'.


Kedaco: You need to be checked for hemochromatosis. See my web site to see what I have to say about the subject. ibs-hemochromatosis-fibromy... . My site is not the only one out there to check about hemochromatosis.


To all on this site: The Irritable syndrome, hemochromatosis, fibromyalgia, and cfids overlap like pine needles falling from a pine tree. ibs-hemochromatosis-fibromy... .


I'm lucky that I don't have too much of a problem (but sometimes you wouldn't want to be stuck in a lift with me on a windy day!). However, speaking with someone the other day who has avoided wheat for sometime without much luck - she discovered goats milk and now has no problem at all She said apparently its the nearest to human milk and therefore most gentle for us - and she swears it tastes exactly the same as cows milk. Worth a try


I remember trying goats milk as a child it was a horrible taste, I am getting a bit of relief by using the charcoal tablets so will keep on with them and see how I go, thanks for replying.


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