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i have oral lichen planus

i have suffered with lichen planus in my mouth now for 6 years and tried everything i can to get rid of it .I've had a biopsy on my tongue 2 on my gums at the top and 2 on my bottom gums my tongue is very sore all the time i cant eat anything as its stings ....i went to an herbalist and had skin test to see if im allergic to any particular foods and it came back i was highly sensitive to everything but rice and vegetables ive cut out dairy milk i have soya milk i hardly eat anything healthy as it hurts when i eat i really am fed up with it now its really getting me down has anyone got any tips to suggest what i can do to help it ive also taken immune tablets vitamins drank aloe vera had alternative medicine im hitting a brick wall would be glad of any one elses comments who have the same complaint thankyou

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Have you tried going gluten free? This Doctor talks about some success with this approach and lichen planus here thepaleomom.com/2012/10/glu...


I am so sorry that you are suffering so much it sounds such an irritating disease to have. I know nothing about it but hope someone else will be able to give you some guidance.


I will highly recommend to consume Purslane (which is a vegetable) on a daily basis. A handful can be used to prepare a juice with 2 glass of water. In time, with usage of Purslane, you will get rid of OLP.


Hi Jess2212,

The NHS website has a very helpful page about treating oral lichen planus - nhs.uk/Conditions/Lichen-pl...

What sort of 'immune tablets' and vitamins have you been taking? Did you discuss them with your doctor first? If you have been taking anything which boosts your immune system, you may have been inadvertently causing your symptoms to get worse.


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