Scared i have Lupus, any thoughts on my symptons would be appreciated

I have had agonizing pains in my knees since my teens, i am now 41. it has always been called 'onset juvenile osteoarthritis' by my GP. and that im just a 'sickly' person.

the constant headaches are what he puts down to depression, of course im depressed, i feel like rubbish most of the time.

im exhausted, can sleep at the drop of a hat, though it never feels like ive slept.

my elbows wrists etc ache all the time, and the tingling/numbness in my hands and feet drive me insane.

the night sweats are never ending, though why they are called nightsweats is beyond me, i get them if i have an afternoon nap.

my skin is red raw from head to toe from the itching, hands, arms, legs, feet (omg the itching feet), back, kneck and chest area. its like a game of chase most nights as the itch moves from place to place, and it comes up in hives so i look and feel like ive been dragged naked through a patch of stinging nettles

i lay in bed and im sure the neighbours can hear the heart palpatations

sorry for going on, just wondering if its worth asking my GP to look into wether it could be Lupus, thanks

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  • Yep it does sound worth checking out I had awful palipitations. With my SLE and the same fatigue. Good luck

  • Ask the Doctor to do Blood tests to see if you have Lupus but also to find anything that might be causing this

    Good luck and please let us know

  • It took 4 years of feeling rubbish to finally get a diagnosis, all I can say isnyou know if the is something wrong so push and push to see a rhuematologist as i was sent to see 4 different specialists before I was diagnosed ut as soon as I started on my medication I felt like a whole new person! good luck. Xx

  • I too have all those symptoms (was dx'd with Lupus late last year, tho' my medical history is more like i've had Lupus since i was a child).

    Yes! please go get yourself checked out at Drs asap!

    Healing thoughts to you x

  • Thank you so much for your answers and advice.

    i have seen my GP this afternoon, was really quite brave and asked outright if it was possible that i could have Lupus.

    he took all the blood tests there and then. explained what each one was for and why and tried to reassure me that even if it comes back 'yes' that at least we'll know what we are treating.

    some tests will be 1 day, some a week and a few two now its just the waiting game

  • You poor thing! You shouldn't have to suffer like this. Keep us posted. Sounds like you've got an auto-immune or endocrine problem. And.....ALWAYS ask difficult questions of your GP. They get paid 100k to look after you!

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